• This Supersprint exhaust system on Renault Clio added more power and better sound to an already great package. KraftWerk tune, addes additional horses and the all importnant Nm Torque. This is what one of the owners had to say about our service online:


    “I dropped my baby into RamSpeed
    Automotive this morning for its exhaust/air filter/remap to be done. To say I
    was impressed is an understatement, I was immediately greeted by Richard who I
    have been dealing with who took me to the exhaust system to have a peak. In the
    mean time their mechanic (VERY CLEAN! No grubby overalls here) gave the car a
    thorough check over for marks and introduced himself as the person who would
    work/drive my car.

    As they knew I was out of the area they did a diagnostics check which flashed
    up with a knock sensor error, Renault waitra checked the car out for me and got
    the same conclusion and have blamed it on either a voltage drop in the
    electrical system or some dodgy fuel. – anyone else had this?

    I forgot to get pics of the supersprint exhaust but it looks SO nice, beautiful
    welds and nice and light.

    I’ve also fitted my RS alloy gear knob which is nice and heavy in the hand

    Video and pics to come I promise I can’t wait to get her back on friday!”