Jaguar XF, Scheduled Service “A” & Brakes Replacement

jaguar XF in our Ramspeed workshop for a scheduled service “A” and replacement of front brake pads and rotors.

Jaguar XF at the front of our Ramspeed workshop waiting for its service.

Interior view of Jaguar XF.

Detailed view of gearbox on Jaguar XF.

Jaguar XF front grill with Jaguar badge.

Jaguar XF on the hoist in our Ramspeed workshop for the service “A” & brakes replacement. Service component includes replacement of oil filter and and topping up with Liqui Moly 5W-30 engine oil.

Detailed view of new brake pads and rotors installed on Jaguar XF. we also recommend new replacement of all 4 tyres by next service.