VW Golf R, Supersprint Cat Back Exhaust Upgrade & Kraftwerk ECU Tuning

VW Golf R in our Ramspeed workshop for Supersprint exhaust installation and Kraftwerk ECU performance upgrade.

Detailed view of VW Golf R’s OEM exhaust to be replaced with new Supersprint cat back exhaust system.

Supersprint performance cat back exhaust system for VW Golf R.

Supersprint cat back exhaust system installed on VW Golf R, Kraftwerk ECU tuning is up next for additional power gain.

BMW Z4 E85, Supersprint Performance Exhaust Installation

BMW Z4 E85 in our Ramspeed workshop again, this time for Supersprint exhaust upgrade.

Detailed view of BMW Z4’s original stock exhaust system to be removed to make room for new Supersprint performance exhaust system.

Supersprint performance exhaust system ready to be installed on BMW Z4 E85.

BMW Z4 E85 with Supersprint performance cat back exhaust upgrade.

Rear view of BMW Z4 E85 on the hoist in our workshop, Supersprint exhaust installation is complete and the vehicle is ready to be road tested.

Detailed view of Supersprint exhaust tips on BMW Z4 E85.

VW Jetta, Scheduled 60,000KM Major Service “B”

VW Jetta in our Ramspeed workshop for scheduled 60,000KM major service. We performed a service “B” on this vehicle with replacement of oil filter, air filter and pollution filter. Our Ramspeed mechanics flushed and refilled the brake fluid with Castrol Dot4 brake fluid and drained then topped the vehicle up with Liqui Moly 4100 5W40 fully synthetic engine oil.

Rear view VW Jetta scanned with our system ECU diagnostics to rectify any fault codes and reset the service light. We recommend the client replace both front and rear brake pads and rotor plus tyres by the next service.

MTM Bimoto Wheels in Titanium Finish for a Volkswagen Golf R

MTM Bimoto wheels in titanium finish fitted with Michelin tyres to go on a nice VW Golf R.

MTM centre caps to be installed on a VW Golf R to go along with the MTM Bimoto wheels.

VW Golf R in our Ramspeed workshop for installation of MTM Bimoto wheels.

Rear view of VW Golf R with carbon fibre rear diffuser, MTM wheels installation is in progressed.

MTM Bimoto wheels in titanium finish with matching centre caps installed on VW Golf R.

ABT Supercharged VW Golf R32 MK V For Sale

Supercharged Volkswagen Golf R32 MK V For Sale

(All Upgrades Performed by RamSpeed)

For More Info Contact Us On: 02 9620 9982

Model: 5 Door – MY07 R32 Golf

Colour: United Grey

Kilometres: ~ 68,000 KM’s

Price: $49,990 (open for offers)

Specs & Modifications:

Engine: ABT Sportsline Supercharger Kit with HPA Reinforced Clutch plate + HPA DSG software tune.

Suspension & Handling: Haldex Generation 2 | Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers | Whiteline Suspension & handling parts including Sway bars, bushes, anti lift kit etc! Advan 235 tyres.

Brakes: Brembo Red 6-Piston Calipers with Drilled Rotors | ADV.1 7 19″ Matt Black Wheels.

Exhaust: Capristo 3-stage multi-valve exhaust.

Cosmetics: OSIR Matt Carbon Fiber Front Mask | Carbon Fibre Front Chin lip spoiler | Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler.

Interior: S2TPP DSG paddles. LED lighting.

Optional: Roof Racks.