Bentley Continental GT, Comprehensive Service & Suspension Repair / Replacement

Bentley Continental GT in for a full comprehensive service and replacement of shock absorbers and brake hoses. Bentley original parts used in this service. The Bentley continental GT repairs are relatively straight forward. We have a Bentley diagnostics equipment and skill technicians who are familiar with the brand. There are a lot of VW componentry on the Bently. The entire platform is based on VW Phaeton. There are a lot of VW marks and symbols on various parts. The W12 twin turbo engine on the Bentley is a smooth performer. See out other related Bentlry blog about tuning of the Bentlry ECU’s for a huge increase in torque.

Bentley Continental GT with its 6 litres twin turbo engine getting ready for a full major service. All major filters to be replaced, such as oil filter, air filter, pollution filter etc. We can and have obtained parts from our suppliers in Europe. A major cost saving in servicing of this Bentley outside of traditional dealership.

Bentley OEM stock wheels removed to make room for new suspension installation. RamSpeed owns a specialist panel shop and we can refurbish wheels for all make and models.

Nitrogen filled shock absorbers to be installed on Bentley Continental GT. The entire suspension system on a Bentley is a highly advanced, adjustable suspension system. Adjustment of height and ride quality is possible from the on board computer.

New brake line getting installed on Bentley Continental GT.

Detailed view of Bentley Continental GT brake pads, discs and calipers getting checked for wear percentage.