Mercedes ML 63 AMG, Installation of Exhaust Mufflers & Carlsson Lowering Module

Mercedes ML 63 AMG in our workshop for installation of RamSpeed sound optimised custom performance exhaust mufflers with chrome exhaust tips, and Carlsson C-Tronic suspension lowering module.

Rear view of Mercedes ML 63 AMG with original factory standard AMG exhaust system system removed and new RamSpeed custom performance exhaust mufflers installed.

Detailed view of the new chrome exhaust tips on the Mercedes ML 63 AMG.

Carlsson C-Tronic suspension lowering module, ready to be installed on the Mercedes ML 63 AMG.

  • Lowering Mercedes air suspension airmatic is simple with correct tools and technology. We are able to lower ride height for all AMG vehicles including C63 AMG, ML 63 AMG and all other Mercedes AMG vehicles. We are also able to install adjustable suspension allowing owners to raise or lower vehicle height by the press of a button.