VW Golf GTI, Kraftwerk Stage 2 ECU Performance Upgrade Plus Installation of Scorpion Exhaust System and Unibrace

VW Golf GTI in our RamSpeed workshop for installation of Kraftwerk Stage 2 ECU tuned, Scorpion performance exhaust system and XB unibrace. The customer also requested full comprehensive service on this vehicle once all the upgrades are complete.

Rear view of VW Golf GTI with original factory standard exhaust, getting ready to be removed to make room for the new Scorpion performance exhaust system.

Brand new XB Unibrace in red to match the car’s colour, ready to be fitted on the VW Golf GTI.

Detailed view of the Scorpion performance exhaust system getting unwrapped in our RamSpeed workshop getting ready to be installed on the VW Golf GTI.

VW Golf GTI interior with new XB Unibrace installed.

Rear view of VW Golf GTI with new Scorpion performance exhaust system installed.

Detailed view of the brand new chrome exhaust tip on the VW Golf GTI, you can see the Scorpion logo at the top.

We also performed a standard “A” service on this Golf with replacement of oil and oil filter using genuine VW OE parts. We topped the vehicle up using fully synthetic LM engine oil and ran a complete system diagnostics scan to clear any error codes and reset service warning light.