Jaguar XF, Scheduled Service

Jaguar XF with Arden performance exhaust system, Arden aerodynamic rear wing, Eibach lowering springs and RamSpeed custom forged wheels is in our workshop again this time for a scheduled service. We performed a full comprehensive service on this Jaguar XF with replacement of oil filter, air filter and cabin filter using only genuine or recommended Jaguar parts. We drained the old engine oil and topped the vehicle up using fully synthetic Liqui Moly 1194 5W30 engine oil.

Detailed view of Jaguar XF’s engine bay getting ready for all fluid levels to be checked and topped up as required. We also performed a Liqui Moly engine detox and protect treatment on this Jaguar XF to clean out any built up of oil residue and ensure a longer lifespan for the new oil. A complete system ECU diagnostics scan is to be performed to clear any error codes and reset service warning light.