Alfa Romeo 159, System ECU Diagnostics To Rectify Misfiring Issue

Alfa Romeo 159 in our RamSpeed workshop for diagnostics of misfiring issue. Using our inhouse diagnostics equipment we performed a complete system ECU scan in order to identify and clear any fault codes in the system.

“RamSpeed specialises in service and repairs of all Alfa Romeo models including Alfa Romeo 159 and we provide comprehensive diagnostic of all electronic and mechanical components including brakes, suspension, exhaust, gearbox,  ECU and other module scanning. At RamSpeed your Alfa Romeo maintenance costs can be greatly reduced with regular scheduled services.”

Interior view of Alfa Romeo 159 with system ECU diagnostics in progressed, you can see our diagnostics equipment on the driver’s seat.

Detailed view of Alfa Romeo 159’s engine bay getting inspected prior to the system ECU scan.