VW Golf GTI, Scheduled Logbook Servicing & DSG Service

VW Golf GTI in our RamSpeed workshop for a scheduled 52,000KM logbook servicing, a complete DSG service and replacement of front brake pads and rotors. We performed a full comprehensive service on this GTI with replacement of engine oil, oil filter, air filter and cabin filter. All parts used are genuine VW OE or VW factory recommended parts and we used fully synthetic engine oil to topped up the vehicle. We also performed a complete DSG transmission service with replacement of transmission filter and DSG oil.

Detailed view of the VW Golf GTI’s engine bay getting ready for all fluid levels to be checked and topped up.

New genuine air filter installed on the VW Golf GTI.

New oil filter to be installed on the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Detailed view of the old cabin filter removed from the VW Golf GTI. Visible dust built up residue, that’s why it’s important to replace this at regular interval.

New transmission oil filter for the DSG service on the VW Golf GTI.

VW Golf GTI’s old front brake pads and rotors, getting ready to be replaced. We also flushed and vacuum bleed the braking system and topped the vehicle up using Castrol Dot4 brake fluid.

Rear view of the VW Golf GTI getting ready for a complete system ECU diagnostics to reset service warning light and clear any error codes.