VW Golf 2.0 FSI, Complete Comprehensive Logbook Service & Timing Belt Service

VW Golf 2.0 FSI in our workshop for a complete comprehensive service, including replacement of timing belt and water pump. Our RamSpeed mechanics performed a major “B” service on this Golf with replacement of engine oil, oil filter, air filter, and cabin filter. All parts used are genuine VW OE or factory specified parts and we topped the vehicle up using fully synthetic VW recommended engine oil. We also performed a complete timing belt service which includes, replacement of cam belt, tensioner, roller bearing and water pump. Our mechanics also replaced both rear brake pads and rotors. All fluid levels are checked and topped up where required and a complete system ECU diagnostic scan was performed to reset service warning light and clear any error codes.

Detailed view the new timing belt ready to be installed on the VW Golf 2.0 FSI.

VW Golf getting fitted with new timing belt, water pump to also be replaced.

Brand new water pump for the VW Golf 2.0 FSI.

Detailed view of new cabin filter to be installed on the VW Golf 2.0 FSI.

The VW Golf’s old rear brake pad and rotor getting ready to be replaced.