Citroen C2, Scheduled Logbook Servicing

Citroen C2 in our RamSpeed workshop for a scheduled logbook service. We performed a minor service on this vehicle with replacement of engine oil and oil filter using Citroen OEM parts and fluids. As part of the service we performed a complete safety check with inspection of all brakes for wear percentages and we check all fluid levels and refill where required. A complete ECU diagnostic scan is performed to reset service warning light and clear any error codes.

“RamSpeed Automotive specialises in performance upgrades as well as servicing and repairs of all Citroen model including Citroen C2 and we provide comprehensive diagnostics of all electronic and mechanical components including brakes, suspension, exhaust, gearbox,  ECU and other module scanning. At RamSpeed your Citroen maintenance costs can be greatly reduced with regular scheduled services.”