Chrysler 300C, Scheduled Log Book Service & Various Custom Work

A beautiful Chrysler 300C in our RamSpeed workshop for its scheduled log book service plus various other custom work to follow. Based on the vehicle’s mileage and service history our technician carried out a minor “A” service on this Chrysler 300C with replacement of the engine oil and oil filter using genuine OE parts and fluids. As part of all services a full vehicle inspection is to be performed with a complete system ECU diagnostic scan to follow. All lights, hoses, fluid levels, tyre pressure and brakes are to be check accordingly.

RamSpeed Automotive is Australia’s premier independent European vehicle specialist with dedicated focus on vehicle servicing, performance upgrades and mechanical repairs of all Chrysler models including Chrysler 300C. RamSpeed is known for comprehensive expertise and ability to diagnose most complex of mechanical and electronic issues found in a multitude of increasingly sophisticated European cars. RamSpeed is well known for fault finding within all Chrysler electronic and mechanical components including ABS, brakes, suspension, exhaust, gearbox and the ECU. Ramspeed performs aftermarket module scanning and repairs of most complex circuits found on many European cars. At RamSpeed your Chrysler maintenance and ownership costs can be greatly decreased with regular scheduled and logbook services.

Detailed view of the Chrysler 300C’s 6.1L engine, getting ready for all fluid levels to be checked and corrected where required. A complete system OBD scan is to follow shortly to reset the service indicator light and clear any error codes.