Audi R8 V8 Manual, Another Twin Turbo Project Almost Complete

Our Twin Turbo Audi R8 project is nearing completion. With a few fina touches remaining and an all important four wheel dyno during the week, here are some of the finer details as seen today.


Have  look at the Audi Special Projects link on our Blog to see more details of the installation on this R8 :


Detailed view of the oil feeds into left side turbo. These low boost installation are very reliable and make a perfect upgrade on the R8 for the race track.

Below detailed view of the intake manifold and the heat exchanger with flanges feeding coolant to keep things under control.

Audi-R8-V8-Twin-Turbo-Intake-Manifold-Inlet-Connections - RamSpeed

The turbo boost is controlled by two independent valves which are electronically controlled for accurate delivery and removal of boost in this monster Audi R8


During the project, we have also upgraded many of the vital components like the clutch assembly – compliments of the upgraded clutch plate friction material and a donor pressure plate of the big brother Audi R8 V10. As can be seen on the gearbox casing, Lamborghini and Audi are well and truly married.


Check of the monster brakes and condition of the brake pads reveals no problems. One of the intake filters can be seen in the background. This will be covered once the splash guards are on.


Painting of the original Audi R8 wheels in satin finish black paint add to the tough looks and the rest of the exterior which includes custom carbon accents. RamSpeed supplies and makes custom Carbon Fibre automotive pieces which include interior and exterior.


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