Ford Focus RS, Scheduled Log Book Servicing & Various Custom Work

The Green Ford Focus RS is back in our RamSpeed workshop once again, this time for its scheduled log book servicing and various custom work. Some of which includes custom painting of the rear badges and tinting of the lower rear tail lights to matched the previously tinted upper rear tail lights.

RamSpeed Automotive is a premier European vehicle specialist focusing on vehicle servicing, performance upgrades as mechanical repairs of all Ford models including Ford Focus RS. RamSpeed provides comprehensive diagnostics and fault finding of all Ford electronic and mechanical components including ABS, brakes, suspension, exhaust, gearbox,  ECU and other module scanning and repairs. At RamSpeed your Ford maintenance and ownership costs can be greatly reduced with regular scheduled and logbook services.

Another Busy Day At RamSpeed Automotive – September 26th, 2012

Another busy day at RamSpeed Automotive:

  • White Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe, installation of carbon fibre cold air intake
  • White Porsche Cayenne, Installation of Techart aerodynamic body kit
  • Black Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Kraftwerk ECU tuning
  • Maroon Porsche Cayenne S, replacement of water pump
  • White BMW Z4, scheduled service and various custom work
  • Silver Mercedes A190, scheduled logbook servicing
  • Ford Focus XR5 Turbo, scheduled logbook servicing

Ford Focus XR5 Turbo, Scheduled 140,000KM Logbook Service

Ford Focus XR5 Turbo in our RamSped workshop for a scheduled 140,000KM logbook service. Based on the service history we performed a minor service on this vehicle with standard replacement of engine oil and oil filter using genuine OE parts and fluids. Based on the mileage of the vehicle we also had to flushed and vacuum bleed the braking system, and refilled using Castol Dot4 brake fluid. As part of all our services a complete safety inspection was performed. We check all braking components and report the wear percentages of the brake pads and rotors. A complete system ECU diagnostic scan is to also be performed to reset service warning light and clear any error codes.

Detailed view of the Ford Focus XR5 Turbo’s engine bay, getting ready for all fluids to be checked and topped up where necessary.

Interior view of the Ford Focus XR5 Turbo with system ECU diagnostics in progressed.

Ford Mondeo XR5 Turbo, Scheduled Service & Timing Belt Replacement

Ford Mondeo XR5 Turbo in our RamSpeed workshop a scheduled 96,000KM service and replacement of timing belt. Our technician performed a full comprehensive service on this vehicle with replacement of engine oil, oil filter and air filter using factory specified parts and fluids. All brakes are inspected for wear percentages and we flushed and vacuum bleed the braking system then refilled using Castrol Dot4 brake fluid. Our technician also performed a complete timing belt service on this vehicle with replacement of the timing belt kit.

The Ford Mondeo XR5 Turbo’s engine getting ready for all fluid levels to be checked and topped up where necessary.

Detailed view of the Ford Mondeo XR5 Turbo with timing belt replacement in progressed.

The old timing belt removed from the Ford Mondeo XR5 Turbo.