Skoda Octavia No Start and Timing Rattle

The below Skoda was delivered to us on a tow truck and was not starting up properly. We were told that the timing chain was rattling from where it was previously.

Skoda-Octavia-Lights-Front-Spoiler-RamSpeed-1 Skoda-Octavia-Wheels-Boot-Lights-RamSpeed-2Diagnostics of the vehicle was done first in order to pickup any fault codes and errors. We then proceeded to test the compression by removing the spark plugs and coils. From the tests we notified the customer that 3 out of 4 cylinders had low compression. Further repairs would need to be completed in order to rectify the vehicle.

Skoda Octavia vRS in for a Scheduled Service

Skoda Octavia vRS in our Ramspeed workshop for a scheduled service and KraftWerk Tuning for additional power.

Detailed view of Skoda Octavia RS front grill. You see the vRS badge and Skoda badge. The car will be filled with Liqui Moly engine oil on customers request. Skoda is based on a VW platform and represents excellent value as a low budget European car entry. Service and Repairs of Skoda vehicles can be performed at RamSpeed.

Rear view of Skoda Octavia vRS in front of our Ramspeed workshop.

Detailed view of Skoda Octavia vRS, you can see the OEM red brake caliper in the background.

Skoda Yeti, MTM Module Installation

Skoda Yeti in our Ramspeed workshop for installation of MTM power module.

Skoda Yeti getting ready for MTM M-Cantronic power module installation.

Detailed view of Skoda Yeti’s 1.2L TSI engine.

Skoda Yeti getting system ECU diagnostics to clear any fault codes prior to installation of MTM power module.

Detailed view of MTM M-Cantronic performance enhancement module ready to be installed on Skoda Yeti.

Skoda Yeti with MTM M-Cantronic power module installed ready to be road tested.