RamSpeed Next Up Coming Project – Supercharger Upgrade On A Matte Grey Wrapped Mercedes ML63 AMG


RamSpeed’s next up coming major project, a beautiful Mercedes ML63 AMG which we just finished custom wrapped in satin matte grey will now also be getting a supercharger upgrade. You can see here the original factory standard AMG engine, to be replaced with a new supercharger. Keep following for more pictures and updates.


Mercedes C63 AMG, Removal Of Supercharger For Replacement Of The Throttle Motors

The custom matte black wrapped Mercedes C63 AMG is back in RamSpeed workshop, this time for replacement of the throttle motors.

Detailed view of our technician removing the supercharger from the Mercedes C63 AMG for replacement of the throttle motors.

Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series, Custom Wrapped In Satin Matte Black

The Weistec supercharged Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series wrapping project is finally completed. Complete exterior custom wrapped in satin matte black with accents custom painted in black.

Detailed view of the Mercedes CLK 63’s matte black wrapped bonnet with custom silver vent grilles.

RamSpeed’s Courtesy Vehicle – Mercedes A160 Automatic, Custom Wrapped In Matte Black

RamSpeed’s latest courtesy vehicle, the Mercedes A160 Automatic, now also custom wrapped in matte black to matched our Semi-Automatic Mercedes A160. For more details and custom wrapping available for your vehicle please contact us.