VW Golf R32 Service and Brake Replacement

VE Golf R32 with DSG in for a minor service. At the ame time, we identified low brakes and the need for a replcement of the rear pads and checked all brake discs and sensors.


Typicl R32 blue calipers. Most European cars are designed to wear pads and discs together. The friction material makes a bit of a mess with wheels and calipers


Below, inside the R32 engine. We have performed many service and repairs on this vehicles and to date the only company in Australia to have supercharged 3 x VW R32’s. We know these cars well.


Mercedes Benz SL Wide Body Conversion Continues..RamSpeed

Our Mercedes Benz SL wide body conversion continues along. New front and rear bumber bar, side skirts, wide wheel arches and a special wheels (yet to be placed on the car) will make this a very striking and unique car.

Mercedes-Benz-SL350-Widebody kit-Aerokit-Lowered Springs-Wide Wheels-Prior Design-RamSpeed-Body Kit-2

Nice interior. Personalisation can be achieved with a good use of carbon from our carbon fibre division. www.ramspeedcarbon.com.au

Mercedes-Benz-SL350-Widebody kit-Aerokit-Lowered Springs-Wide Wheels-Prior Design-RamSpeed-Body Kit-3

This front bumper bar and front wheel arches give this SL a totally new look.

Mercedes-Benz-SL350-Widebody kit-Aerokit-Lowered Springs-Wide Wheels-Prior Design-RamSpeed-Body Kit

BMW E90 320i Service & Performance Upgrades + Repairs

Major service performed on this BMW E90 320. The owner also requested performance exhust manifold (headers) as well as high flow catalytic converters. RamSpeed also performed a number of minor repairs to bring this vehicle up to its best shape.


THe 320i is a great car with some potential for increase in power, sound and performance as requested by this owner.


Checking up for minor leaks with mirror, our technicians can accuratelly locate any issues and address them in a most cost effective manor.


Above new headers and a high flow cats.

Land Rover Freelander 2 Service & Repairs

Comprehensive service carried out on this Land Rover Freelander. With top of the range diagnostic capabilities, we ware able to update the software and diagnose various other issues.


Above, removal of the rear tail light and check of connectins due to a foult code registered.


Some of the globes replaced as evident by the very dark globe which was still functioning, but provided limited amount of light.


Land Rover Freelander is a good looking car. They can be very reliable if looked after regularly by qualified technicians.


The owner of this Freelander keeping the interior nice and clean and protecting the original steering wheel with a leather-like cover.


Rear tail light ready for ressembly.

BMW X5 3.0 Diesel Comprehensive Log Book Service and minor repairs

BMW X5 comprehensive (Major) service and repairs. The scheduled service involved oil and oil filter change, air filter, pollen filter as well as a comprehensive brake service. We have also installed 2 new tyres and balanced all 4 on our brand new Beissbarth wheel balancing machine.


New Starter motor was required after some initial tests on the cranking power of the vehicle. A non genuine part was offered. Air condittioning required regs also, all repairs carried out in house and on time.