RamSpeed Diagnostic Capabilities – Renault, Citroen & Peugeot

We have recently added to our already comprehensive diagnostic equipment portfoloio with an ecqusition of updated and specific factory diagnostic tools for Renault, Citoren & Peugeot. These French vehicles can be seen as peculiar in Australia, but we love them!.


Below Peugeot 206 getting diagnosed using correct Peugeot related tool


Mercedes SLK 200 Service + Enhancements

Beautiful Mercedes SLK 200 in for a full service and discussions about enhancements. Exhaust, interior and power module on offer.


Above the LED lights on the new SLK look great. Styling is A1 on the Mercedes SLK


Rear view of the SLK while in for a service on our hoist. Exhaust tips can be retained when replacing OE mufflrs for a performance item.


Neat interior protected with our plastic steering wheel covers. Manual SLK is rare.

Audi A4 3.2l V6 Quattro Convertible Service, Tuning & Exhaust Upgrade

Audi A4 3.2l V6 Quattro Convertible in for a comprehensive service, Tuning & Exhaust Upgrade. First, a power increaseto the torquey, but underpowered V6.

Audi-A4-3.2 Quattro-V6-Convertible-Tuning-Module-Supersprint-Exhaust-Service-Repairs-Brakes-Cabrio-Roof-5

Below original exhaust removed after full service to make way for an aftermarket item from SuperSprint. http://www.supersprintexhaust.com.au/

Audi-A4-3.2 Quattro-V6-Convertible-Tuning-Module-Supersprint-Exhaust-Service-Repairs-Brakes-Cabrio-Roof

Stainless steel items are itallaian made and produce deep sound and raspy note while improving exhaust flow and power.

Audi-A4-3.2 Quattro-V6-Convertible-Tuning-Module-Supersprint-Exhaust-Service-Repairs-Brakes-Cabrio-Roof-2

Job done. A pair of Supersprint mufflers and connecting pipes complete this installation. Very neat sound and measurable performance increase.

Audi-A4-3.2 Quattro-V6-Convertible-Tuning-Module-Supersprint-Exhaust-Service-Repairs-Brakes-Cabrio-Roof-3

The Ablue Audi A4 Quattro looks apart!

Audi-A4-3.2 Quattro-V6-Convertible-Tuning-Module-Supersprint-Exhaust-Service-Repairs-Brakes-Cabrio-Roof-4

BMW X5 Service & Repairs Differential + Drive Shafts

A BMW X5 in our RamSpeed workshop for its 120,000 KM’s log book service. We performed a full major service on this X5 with replacement of the engine oil, oil filter, air filter, pollution filter and spark plugs using genuine BMW parts. As part of the service a complete vehicle safety inspection is to be carried out. All braking components including pads and rotors are to be checked for hydraulic leaks and report for the current brake wear. We also had to replaced the front brake pads and brake wear sensors on this BMW X5

BMW-X5-Diesel-Diagnostics-Repair-Differential-Gearbox-engine-driveshaft-cv joint-suspension-RamSpeed

Above, replaced driveshaft with a new rubber boot.

BMW-X5-Diesel-Diagnostics-Repair-Differential-Gearbox-engine-driveshaft-cv joint-suspension-RamSpeed-2

Gerbox serviceon an automatic X5 is always a good idea. The gerbox service is often overlooked.

BMW-X5-Diesel-Diagnostics-Repair-Differential-Gearbox-engine-driveshaft-cv joint-suspension-RamSpeed-3

The BMW X5 on a hoist awaiting service, including oil and oil filter change.

BMW-X5-Diesel-Diagnostics-Repair-Differential-Gearbox-engine-driveshaft-cv joint-suspension-RamSpeed-4

Differential required replacement. Another neglected service item. We reccomend frequent change of transmission and differential oils on all BMW X5 models.

RamSpeed Automotive is Australia’s No 1, privately owned European car specialist with focus on European vehicle repairs and servicing including performance upgrades for all BMW X5 models. Our business is known for comprehensive diagnostics expertise and our ability to address complex mechanical and electronic issues found in a wide range of increasingly sophisticated European models. RamSpeed is well known for in depth fault finding within all BMW electronic components including ABS, brakes, suspension, exhaust, gearbox and the electronic computer units (ECU). RamSpeed Automotive is able to perform aftermarket module scanning and repairs of many exotic and luxury cars. At RamSpeed your BMW maintenance and ownership costs can be greatly reduced with regular scheduled and logbook services.