BMW M3 E93 in Frozen Black – Another Sad Statistic

This beautiful Frozen Black (that’s matte, matte black – $15K+ factory paint option) car is no more. Our client who ordered an amazing RamSpeed Exhaust with variable valves has left the vehicle at his local dealer for some warranty work, but the test-drive did not finish as expected. Sufficied to say, the dealer is paying big as the car is not repairable.


3 out of only a handful Lexus LFA in Australia – RamSpeed Surfers Paradise

At the heart of the LFA is a hand-built V10 engine. This was developed exclusively for the supercar and is capable of delivering an incredible 412kW of power and 480 Nm of torque. As a result of the incredibly strong and ultra-light construction of the LFA, the high-revving engine powers the car from 0 to 100km/h in a mere 3.7 seconds and can reach a top speed of 325km/h. In addition, the LFA’s V10 engine can rev from idle to 9,000 rpm in just six tenths of a second. With the engine at 9,000 rpm, its ten pistons move at approximately 25 metres a second.


BMW E92 M3 Wide Body + Supercharger = Something Very Special

We know a lot of our fans were waiting for this car. Finally the first amazing widebody Vorsteiner GTRS is rolling out of the Ramspeed gates. Complete Vorsteiner package, big deep concave Forged Vorsteiner wheels custom painted to match the colour scheme of the car on top end Michelin rubber. The look is perfectly enhanced through installation of fully adjustable KW V3 suspension to increase handling and get the ultimate lowering for the new wheel set up without scraping. Power comes from a newly installed VF Engineering supercharger unit which is a bomb and a great addition to the complete Titanium Vorsteiner exhaust system with blue torched tips. What a machine!


* all products made out of ultra light carbon fibre

GTRS3 Front Bumper

GTRS3 Wide Arch Front Fenders

GTRS3 Extended Side Skirts

GTRS3 Wide Arch Rear Quarter Panels

GTRS3 Wide Arch Rear Bumper

GTRS3 Boot Lid

GTRS3 Forged Wheels with 325 wide, 25 profiled and 20 inch in diameter Michelin tyres.

This is what PerformanceDrive has to say about our latest creation:

“Our friends over at RamSpeed have finished building the anabolic E92 BMW M3. It (obviously) features some super serious muscles in the form of an ultra-wide bodykit, with jaw-dropping deep dish wheels, and some black highlights for added aggression. It’s not all about looking tough though, under the bonnet, the 4.0-litre V8 is given a healthy dose of pressure via a centrifugal supercharger. We go for a quick spin (0-100km/h-style video) and capture some sound clips.BMW-M3-E92-Supercharged-Wide-Body-Voresteiner-Kit-Wheels-RamSpeed

Entirely restyled body, engine, suspenion, wheels, exhaust (titanium) all at a vastly higher level then standard. BMW E92 M3


Custom painted intake manifold and intercooler looks the goods on this BMW M3


Below, extended boot line, full carbon fibre construction.


Rear view of the wide body Voresteiner BMW M3. Custom side skirts and rear bar are all carbon.


Voresteiner blue torched tips and a full titanium exhaust comprising quad muffler setup.


Witht he factory optioned carbon roof this M3 is not only lighter then any other on the road, but also more powerful.


Porsche Carrera 996 4S Supercharger Project

Our supercharged Carrera 4S No4 in progress for a Sydney based customer. Parts arrived and right now we are checking all tolerances and fitment before the installation next week. Additional upgrades include interior retrim, RamSpeed Forged Wheels and exhaust upgrade.


Below RamSpeed forged 2 piece wheels, the Carrera 4S will have a custom finish.