Porsche Cayenne Service + Brake Replacement

Today’s list of cars include a Porsche Cayenne that needs some replacement of brakes.

Porsche-Cayenne-Brakes-Service-RamSpeed-2All brakes were replaced with OEM parts and included, front brake discs, front brake pads, rear brake pads and sensors.

Porsche-Cayenne-Brakes-Service-RamSpeed-1Porsche-Cayenne-Brakes-Service-RamSpeed-3RamSpeed is fully equipped to service and repair your European vehicle from scheduled servicing to brake and tyre replacements. Please call us today to enquire about our services.

BMW 550i Diagnosis of Issues

Another vehicle we worked on last week was a BMW 550i which had a few issues. The drive train warning is on, and there is an intermitent misfire predominantly when loud. The car also has a slight oil leak which needed to be looked at.  BMW-F10-550i-Battery-Alternator-Repair-RamSpeed-2BMW-F10-550i-Battery-Alternator-Repair-RamSpeed-1We connected the BMW to our specialised diagnostic equipment and found a DME internal fault error and power management. It was also found that the vehicle was overcharging at 15V.

BMW-F10-550i-Battery-Alternator-Repair-RamSpeed-3We supplied and fitted an alternator and battery which after further testing showed a charging rate of 14.4V. Other parts that were required for the job included an OE crankcase breather hose.

Mercedes Benz SLK350 Body Kit and Accelerator Module

Recently at RamSpeed we have completed major work on a Mercedes Benz SLK350.

Mercedes-SLK-350-Body-Kit-Exhaust-RamSpeed-7Mercedes-SLK-350-Body-Kit-Exhaust-RamSpeed-4Mercedes-SLK-350-Body-Kit-Exhaust-RamSpeed-2We installed a Piecha body kit on the SLK which included:

– Piecha front bar with LED’s

– Piecha side skirts

– Piecha rear diffuser (with original exhaust, one outlet on L and R)

– Piecha rear boot lip

Mercedes-SLK-350-Body-Kit-Exhaust-RamSpeed-6Mercedes-SLK-350-Body-Kit-Exhaust-RamSpeed-3Other upgrades which we did to the car included an accelerator module and some HID lights.

Mercedes-SLK-350-Body-Kit-Exhaust-RamSpeed-8At RamSpeed we do more than just service and repairs on cars. Our list of services also include comprehensive inspections, fitment of aftermarket parts, automotive performance accessories and upgrades from ECU tuning to complete body kits. Call us today for a quote or to make an enquiry about your European vehicle.

BMW 530 Diagnostics Scan

Another simple job for RamSpeed today. We have a BMW 530 with a steering angle sensor fault.

BMW-530-Diagnostic-Repairs-RamSpeed-2We hooked the BMW to our diagnostics equipment which allowed us to determine the issue causing the fault and correct it.

We have all the necessary equipment to diagnose your European vehicle and our staff are fully trained to give you advice on any problems you may have.

BMW 120i Scheduled Service

Today we have a BMW 120i in our workshop which is here for its scheduled service.

BMW-120i-Service-RamSpeed-2BMW-120i-Service-RamSpeed-3We performed a simple service A on the vehicle which included changing engine oil and filter. The service also included a number of comprehensive checks such as fluid levels and brakes. The customer also has a BMW 323i which will come in later for quite a bit of work.

BMW-120i-Service-RamSpeed-1At RamSpeed we have all the necessary skills and equipment to service and repair any European Vehicle including BMW’s. Call us today to get a quote and hear of our running specials.