Lexus IS250 Sat Nav Unit Repair

Lexus-IS250-Sat-Nav-Repair-2Today in our workshop we have a Lexus IS250 with a faulty GPS / Sat Nav unit. A system check was performed with our Lexus diagnostic equipment and found no errors stored. We then carried out a functional check and found that the touch screen was inoperable.

Lexus-IS250-Sat-Nav-Repair-4Lexus-IS250-Sat-Nav-Repair-1The touch screen display unit was then repaired including a replacement of the screen as required and then refitted to the Lexus. Another diagnostics scan was then done to clear the error codes.

At RamSpeed we have all the necessary equipment to diagnose and repair Lexus’s. We also offer scheduled servicing for Lexus including the IS250.

  • Jaydee

    Hi, how much does it cost to repair and replace an inoperable 2007 Lexus IS250 Touchscreen?
    i have one with same issues. Kindly reply.