Volkswagen Transporter Driveshaft Replacement

Another returning customer with a Volkswagen Transporter which needs the front left driveshaft replaced. This took a few hours to complete but was a simple job.

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BMW 530i Service, Brakes and Repairs

We had another BMW 530i in the workshop for a service and some other work. The car was with us for a while as we went through the list the customer gave us.

First we performed a minor service as the customer wanted to have it done at the same time the other repairs were being done due to the service schedule being so close. As we performed the checks associated with the minor service we found that the oil and air filter both had to be replaced. Rear tyres were also needed soon so we quoted the customer prices including fitment. The next job we did was carry out a cooling system flush and refill as required.

BMW-530i-Brakes-RamSpeed-3We diagnosed the BMW as the airbag light was on and found there was a system processor error. Using our BMW diagnostics we further tested the vehicle wiring which appeared to be all ok. We removed the passenger seat and inspected the module and found it was plugged in with good connections. When we tested the seat mat sensor in the passenger seat we did find an open circuit that needed replacement.


The other light on to be investigated was the parking sensor warning light. We scanned and found a faulty front right parking sensor which will need to be replaced.

The final job was replacing the front and rear brakes as the required due to the current wear.

Bentley GT Minor Scheduled Service A

A quick job for the day, with a returning customer here for a little maintenance of his Bentley. We performed a minor service on the Bentley GT as the current km indicated. This service only required the oil and filter be replaced.

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VW Golf GTI Minor Service

In between all the big jobs in our workshop, we have a Volkswagen Golf GTI which is here for a minor scheduled service. Nothing too difficult and it only required oil and filter replacement. The service was finished within an hour or so and the customer was ready to go.

VW-Golf-GTI-Service-Repairs-RamSpeed-1Enquire at RamSpeed to make a service booking or find out about our current service specials.

Audi A3 Major Service, Clutch and Timing Belt

One of the big jobs finished recently was this Audi A3 which had quite a bit of work being done on it and was initially towed to us. The first bit of work done on the car was a major service based on the current km on the vehicle. The services at RamSpeed involve a number of comprehensive checks such as fluids, brakes, spark plugs and a number of filters and tyres. The parts changed in this service was the oil, air and pollution filter with OEM parts. The brake fluid also had to be topped up as it was getting low.

Audi-A3-Service-Clutch-Timing-Belt-RamSpeed-3The other job on the list was replacing the clutch kit. After we fitted the clutch we filled and bled the system as required. Parts for this job included the clutch kit, release bearing and slave cylinder.

Audi-A3-Service-Clutch-Timing-Belt-RamSpeed-1Audi-A3-Service-Clutch-Timing-Belt-RamSpeed-2The final job on the list was to replace the timing belt. We carried out the timing belt kit replacement including the water pump as required. This system also had to be filled and bled after installation. The timing belt kit, water pump, tensioner, belt and belt pulleys were changed in this job.