Volkswagen Golf Clutch Replacement

Last week at RamSpeed we had quite a few big jobs, one of which was a Volkswagen Golf that needed a new clutch. We replaced the clutch kit of the car which also included the flywheel and slave cylinder. We then test drove the car after the repair and it was all ready for the customer to pickup.

Volkswagen-Golf-Clutch-Flywheel-RamSpeed-2 Volkswagen-Golf-Clutch-Flywheel-RamSpeed-1Call RamSpeed today to enquire about any problems you may have with your European vehicle. From scheduled servicing to clutch replacements, we have all the necessary equipment and expertise to repair your car.

Audi Q7 Service and Brakes

Today at RamSpeed we had an Audi Q7 in our workshop for a major service and brake replacement. We first performed a major service according to the current km on the car which involved replacing the oil, air and pollution filter with OEM parts. The other work we did involved replacing the front and rear brake pads as they were quite worn. Other parts included on the Audi Q7 was some rear wipers.

Audi-Q7-Service-Repairs-Brakes-RamSpeed-3 Audi-Q7-Service-Repairs-Brakes-RamSpeed-2At RamSpeed we have all the necessary expertise and equipment required to service your European vehicle. Call us today to enquire about our services and to find out about our current specials.

Audi TT Service and Diagnostics

Another Audi TT which left our workshop a few weeks ago, which was here for a minor service and to diagnose an issue.

First we did the minor service which only required the oil filter be changed. We used Liqui Moly 5W-30W engine oil which is recommended for these cars.

The issue that we had to diagnose was the transmission, which clunked out of reverse. We scanned the TT and found a present fault regarding the mechanical gear engagement. We also checked the fluid level and found that it was low so we topped it up half a litre. To finish off the repair we carried out a transmission system adaptation and made the clutch relearn the frication points for the gear changes. We test drove the TT after all the adjustments and found everything to be working perfectly.


BMW X3 Minor Scheduled Service

We have a BMW X3 in our workshop last week which had a minor scheduled service being done. As with all services, we check over the car to determine any parts that may require replacement. This includes the various filters, tyre tread wear, brakes and fluids. Besides the oil filter, this service required the pollution filter be changed which we found during our check over of the X3. We also replaced the engine belt due to excessive cracking and flushed and refilled the coolant and brake fluid as required.

BMW-X3-Service-Repairs-RamSpeed-2 BMW-X3-Service-Repairs-RamSpeed-3At RamSpeed we can perform any service or repair which you require for your European vehicle. From scheduled services and fluid leaks, to more complicated repairs such as engine overhauls, we have all the necessary equipment and expertise to work on your car.

Audi A3 Service, Timing Belt and Repairs

We have recently had an Audi A3 in our workshop for a minor service and some repairs.

We performed a minor service as specified by the current km and logbook which involved a few comprehensive checks and parts replacement. The air, pollution and oil filter were replaced with OEM parts, and the brake fluid was also topped up with DOT4.

Audi-A3-Service-Timing-Belt-Repairs-4The A3 also had a coolant leak which the customer told us to look into. We diagnosed and checked over the car and found the leak was coming from the flange at the rear of the cylinder head. The coolant temperature sensor was also logging present errors. A replacement of the coolant flange and sensor rectified the problems and we flushed, filled and bled the system as required.

Audi-A3-Service-Timing-Belt-Repairs-2The other issue to be looked at was the clutch pedal which was on the floor. After removing the cover under the dash we found 2 clutch pedal mounting clips were broken. This was fixed with a simple replacement of the clips.

We also did a timing belt replacement on the A3 which included the timing belt, waterpump, pulley, tensioner and belt.