Porsche Cayenne Suspension too Low

One of our old customers had brought in his Porsche Cayenne that had a suspension issue.

We scanned the vehicle electronics for errors due to the suspension being on the lowest level. Errors for the pump and system calibration had appeared during the scan. Using out diagnosis tested system functions through the compressor did not work.

The Cayenne was raised on the hoist to remove the underside covers to expose the pump. All the plug connections were ok but checking the power at the pump showed none. We located the fuse box to test the fuses which were all ok. It was noted that the system relay was not switching on or off when prompted. Once this relay was replaced the system was retested and we found the suspension pump was overheating when attempting to pump up the system. The pump was replaced as the old one was burnt out and the errors were cleared.

Porsche-Cayenne-Suspension-Repair-2While attempting to calibrate the system it failed even after we checked the connections and relays. All the sensor voltages and wiring connections were all ok when checked. No leaks were found in the system air lines and all the wiring from the sensors were ok. We checked the earthing points and control module coding which were also ok. An alternate tester was used to calibrate the system but it also did not work. While we replaced the suspension control module we also attempted to calibrate the systsme without success. When we continued testing the vehicle we found that the sensor link rod was changed to aftermarket lowering rods which was obstructing the calibration process. Once we replaced the link rods the calibration process worked. We then reset the steering angle sensor and cleared the error codes.

Mercedes Benz ML63 Vibration Issue

We looked into a Mercedes ML63 recently which had been serviced here before a year ago. It had a vibration going through the body when at 100 to 120 km/hr.

Mercedes-Benz-ML63-Engine-Lights-Wheels-RamSpeed-1The rear wheels were removed and balanced which were out by about 30 grams. These were balanced as required and we inspected the rear suspension and subframe bushes which were all ok. A final test drive was all ok but the customer was advised to test it and notify us of the condition.

BMW 320i Coolant Leak and Bluetooth Repairs

Below is a BMW 320i which we looked into this week that had a coolant leak and an issue with the bluetooth system.

When we investigated the coolant leak, we pressure tested the cooling system which revealed the radiator and engine coolant pipe were leaking. Once these were replaced we tested the vehicle but the coolant overflow hose started to leak. We advised the customer and replaced this part as well.

BMW-320i-Exhaust-Wheels-Spoiler-RamSpeed-1Next the bluetooth system was looked at as it was not working. We found the issue and carried out our repairs then tested the system. While repairing the bluetooth system we noticed that the cigarette lighter was not working, but the customer would need to come back at a later time to get this repaired.

Mercedes Benz GL320 Suspension Sagging

Below you can see the Mercedes Benz GL320 we worked on which had the suspension sagging.

Mercedes-Benz-GL320-Wheels-Lights-Bumper-RamSpeed-1 Mercedes-Benz-GL320-Brakes-RamSpeed-2The vehicle arrived to us with the left side suspension sagging and the front worse than the rear. We raised the vehicle on the hoist to inspect and found the left air shock absorber was split and requires a replacement. Inspecting the rear air shock visually looks ok, but we were unable to carry out any testing with our tester due to the front left failure. The front left air shock would need to be replaced in order for further testing to be carried out.

BMW X6 Battery Warning Lights

We worked on a BMW X6 earlier this week that had a battery discharged light on.

A battery load test was carried out which failed, so we tested the alternator to ensure it was charging. As the alternator was charging ok we replaced the battery and cleared the error codes.

BMW-X6-Wheels-Boot-Spoiler-Lights-RamSpeed-1 BMW-X6-Engine-RamSpeed-2An engine light was also on the vehicle, so we scanned the engine control and found multiple misfire errors present. The engine covers were removed to inspect all the plug connections which were ok. We removed the spark plugs and they were worn out, so we replaced them along with the ignition coils. The fault memories were then cleared and the vehicle road tested.

We noticed the rear tyres were worn out, so we advised the customer and fitted Dunlops to the X6. A wheel alignment was carried out and a tyre puncture fixed on the front.