Maserati GranTurismo Minor Service and Tyres

We worked on this Maserati GranTurismo that needed a service done and some new tyres. According to the log book schedule and current km on the vehicle, the Maserati required a minor service.

Maserati-GranTurismo-Bonnet-Grille-Wheels-RamSpeed-1 Maserati-GranTurismo-Diffuser-Spoiler-Wheels-RamSpeed-2This service was completed by our mechanics and needed the oil and air filters replaced. We also topped up the coolant and oil of the vehicle during the service. The tyres were worn out on the vehicle so the customer chose to get some Pirelli P Zero 245/35 ZR20 tyres fitted while it was here.

BMW 135i Hesitation and Engine Lights On

Last week we worked on a BMW 135i that was hesitating and had some engine lights on the dashboard. We had previously looked at the car when the issue was intermittent and advised the customer to come back if the lights reappeared after we cleared the faults.

BMW-135i-Wheels-Engine-RamSpeed-2 BMW-135i-Wheels-Bumper-Spoiler-RamSpeed-1Scanning the vehicle showed that the high pressure fuel pump error had appeared. We replaced the fuel pump and hoses as required before we cleared the error codes. A final test drive was then completed to ensure the lights did not come back on.

Audi Q7 Mirror Issue and Brake Replacement

We worked on an Audi Q7 earlier this week that had a problem with the wing mirror and needed some brakes to be replaced.

The mirror was found to be jammed after it experienced some impact damage. Once we dismanted the wing mirror, we found the tabs we bent so we straightened them out and lubricated the motor. It was then reassembled and tested.

Audi-Q7-Brakes-Rear-Bumper-Exhaust-RamSpeed-1 Audi-Q7-Brakes-RamSpeed-1The brakes were due to be replaced at the current km on the vehicle. We replaced the front and rear pads and sensors as required including adjusting the fluid levels.

BMW Z4 Rattling Noise and Engine Lights

Below is a BMW Z4 of a returning customer that had a rattling noise around the engine area and a number of engine lights on the dashboard.

We looked into the rattling noise which was coming from the engine. The sound was verified with the customer, as sometimes we need an accurate pinpoint of the problem. Once identified we found it was due to the DISA flap, so this part was replaced and tested after the repair.

BMW-Z4-Wheels-Engine-Bumper-RamSpeed-1 BMW-Z4-Engine-RamSpeed-3The other issue which was the engine lights was fixed using a systematic approach. We scanned the engine control to verify the fault which was in the ECU. Damaged wiring was repaired but the light was still on. Next we recoded the engine control module though this didn’t fix the problem. A BMW test schedule was then carried out and the customer was would need an alternator to be replaced. We then replaced a fuse for the cigarette lighter which was required.