Bentley Continental Spur Major Scheduled Service

Last week we picked up a Bentley Continental Spur that needed a scheduled service to be completed. The customer was local which allowed us to pickup and drop off the vehicle.

Bentley-Continental-Exhaust-Spoiler-Wheels-RamSpeed-1The service to be completed was a major one according to the current km on the vehicle and the log book schedule. This service included replacing the oil, air and pollution filters as required. Also replaced was the brake fluid and oil.

BMW X6 Battery Discharge and Engine Lights On

Recently we looked at a BMW X6 that had a few warning lights on including a battery discharge light. Scans and testing needed to be carried out in order to identify and rectify the sources of these lights.

A battery load test was carried out which it failed, so we carried out the charging rate from the alternator. This charge was ok and within specifications so it was determined that a new battery would be required after which the error codes and electronics would need to be cleared and reset.

BMW-X6-Wheels-Exhaust-Bumper-RamSpeed-1When the X6 engine control was scanned we found errors relating to misfiring present. The engine cover was removed including the air boxes to inspect the plug connections which were all ok. Once the spark plugs were removed we noticed that they were worn out. The plugs and coils were replaced before we cleared the fault memories and road tested the vehicle.

Two tyres were need on the vehicle as they were due which we replaced with Dunlops 325/30 R21 and then a wheel alignment was carried out.

Volkswagen Polo Engine Cutout and Warning Lights

We received a VW Polo recently that had the engine cutting out with the warning lights on. A number of checks were made on the faults, coolant temperature sensor, spark plugs, coils and VAG test schedules were carried out.

VW-Polo-Engine-Bumper-Wheels-RamSpeed-1 VW-Polo-Wheels-Lights-RamSpeed-1The throttle motor was removed, cleaned and a trial substitution was carried out on this part as well. We also substituted the accelerator pedal and carried out de-carbon procedures on the engine valves. Next we rectified air leaks in the engine and substituted the crank sensor as part of our repairs. Finally we replaced the camshaft sensor and proceded to de-carbon the intake manifold before a test drive was completed.

Porsche Panamera Major Service

At the start of this month one of our Porsche customers brought in their new Panamera which required a major service to be completed and some new tyres.

Porsche-Panamera-Spoiler-Wheels-Lights-RamSpeed-4 Porsche-Panamera-Undertray-Oil-RamSpeed-2 Porsche-Panamera-Wheels-Exhaust-RamSpeed-1The major service was completed according to the current km on the vehicle and the log book schedule. This included replacing the air, pollution and oil filters. We also replaced the oil and brake fluid as required. All tyres were due and replaced with Michelin 255/45/19 and 285/40/19.

Mercedes ML350 Minor Service and Hard Starting

Last week a Mercedes Benz ML350 was worked on in our workshop that was getting a minor service completed and was having a hard time starting.

The vehicle was initially towed to us as it was not starting due to the extensive starting issue. Mercedes Benz test schedules were carried out on the starting system and we verified a failure with the ignition switch internal module. This module was replaced and the programming and coding were completed as required. The fault memories were cleared and the vehicle tested.

Mercedes-Benz-ML350-Front-Bumper-Wheels-RamSpeed-1While the vehicle was here a minor service was completed as it was due according to the current km and log book schedule. During the service we replaced the oil filter and oil and completed a number of checks.