BMW 320i Engine Light On

A customer that has been with us previously brought back his BMW 320i that had an engine light on. He asked us to check over the vehicle to find the source of the problem and to report on it.

The engine control was scanned for misfires which there were faults for multiple cylinders. All the ignition coils and spark plugs were replaced as required before clearing the error codes. A road test was done and no warning lights had come on.

BMW-320i-Bonnet-Bumper-Wheels-RamSpeed-1We noted down while doing the work that mounting clips for the engine bay wiring was broken so we secured it with cable ties. Coolant flush would be due at the next service and the tyres were noisy while driving.

BMW X5 Particle Filter Light On

One of our returning customers has brought in their BMW X5 that had a particle filter light on and to also get a replacement ADV1 outer lip fitted.

We spent some time cleaning the diesel particular filter as it was found to be clogged substantially due to the chemical cleaning process showing lots of residue. A burnoff was done after and the fault codes cleared. Noted was that the cleaning was not a permanent solution and the DPF may need to be replaced in the future.

BMW-X5-Exhaust-Wheels-RamSpeed-1 BMW-X5-Undertray-RamSpeed-2As one of the ADV1 wheels were damaged we replaced the outer rim. This involved stripping the wheels, tortioning all bolts then refitting and rebalancing the tyres.

BMW 545i Engine Light Diagnostics

We recently saw a BMW 545i in our workshop that had an engine light on the dashboard. The customer had asked us to look into the cause and report.

We scanned the engine for errors and found one stored relating to bank 1 lean mixture. A smoke test of the manifold was all ok and no leaks were present. When the BMW test schedule was done and we found the MAF sensor would intermittently fail the test.

BMW-545i-Exhaust-Spoiler-Wheels-RamSpeed-1The sensor was swapped with a test unit before we did a test drive overnight. A rescan of the vehicle after the test showed that there were no faults stored. The MAF sensor was replaced as required and a final test drive completed.

BMW 320i Oil Leaks and Checking Brakes

A BMW 320i customer came into our workshop looking to fix some oil leaks on the car and to advise him of the status of the brakes which may or may not be due.

As the customer was located close to our workshop we were able to offer him a complimentary pickup and drop off service. After we looked into the vehicle it was noted the parts required to fix the leak. The customer was advised and we replaced the rocker cover gaskets, vacuum pump, coolant flange, PCV valve and hoses.

BMW-320i-Engine-Bumper-Wheels-RamSpeed-2 BMW-320i-Engine-RamSpeed-1Looking into the current percentage of brakes left showed that the front had 90% and the rear 80% remaining, so brakes were changed recently and would not need to be done for awhile. On a test drive of the vehicle we did hear a squeak from the idler pulleys which was recorded and reported to the customer.

Aston Martin Vantage Bluetooth Setup, Oil Leak and Service

Below is one of our previous customers with an Aston Martin Vantage that needed to get the bluetooth system replaced and setup as it was not connecting properly anymore. The oil was also leaking from the vehicle and needed to be looked into.

Replacing the bluetooth system was simple to do and did not require too much time to complete. For the oil leaking we replaced an oil washer as required.

Aston-Martin-Vantage-Wheels-Exhaust-Boot-RamSpeed-1Only a month back we had completed a major scheduled service according to the log book schedule and current km on the vehicle. This involved replacing the oil filter and oil. A wheel alignment was done at the time because the car was pulling to the left when being driven.