Alfa Romeo 159 Service and Repairs

The below Alfa Romeo 159 was brought in by one of our existing customers for a minor service and some repairs. A minor service was due according to the log book schedule and the current km on the vehicle.

Alfa-Romeo-159-Boot-Wheels-RamSpeed-1The service included replacing the oil filter and oil including a number of checks over the vehicle. This check revealed that a new radiator and top hose would be needed, which was replaced as required. Other parts inspected and requiring change was the engine auxillary belt, spark plugs and pollution filter. These were replaced including a ignition coil and a top up of the coolant was then completed.

Mercedes Benz E500 Brake Lights and Squeaky Suspension

We looked into a Mercedes E500 last week that had a brake light on, speak from the suspension and a battery light on.

When we checked the faults relating to the brake light warning we tried replacing the brake light switch which did not fix the problem. A new SBC hydraulic unit would be required in order to permenantly fix the issue.

Mercedes-E500-Bonnet-Grille-RamSpeed-1Next the battery was checked and it was all normal so we moved onto the charging rate of the alternator and the fuses. These were disconnected to check and were all ok.

Checking the squeals we found that the bushes were worn out and proceeded to renew the front lower ball joints, caster rods and arms with bushes. A wheel alignment was them completed once the parts were replaced.

Mercedes Benz GL500 ABS and EPS Faults

The below Mercedes Benz GL500 was brought in to check the brakes and the fault codes relating to the ABS and EPS including the engine light that was on.

When the system check was done, we found multiple codes relating to the ABS and EPS. The wheel speed sensor was then checked and swapped to find the exact cause. We cleared the fault codes before test driving the vehicle overnight and in the morning no faults relating to the ABS or EPS were present. Further monitoring would need to be done if the fault occurs again.

Mercedes-GL500-Lights-Wheels-RamSpeed-2 Mercedes-GL500-Lights-Bumper-RamSpeed-1We did not the an air injection fault was still present and we would need to check the vacuum valves next service. Also noted was that the CD was not operational and neither was the bluetooth. Rear brake pads did need to be changed while the vehicle was with us as they were due.

VW Passat Overheating and Timing Belt

This VW Passat had an overheating issue which we had to look into. We inspected the cooling system and thermostat to determine the cause. The cause of the overheating was the thermostat which was rectified once the part was replaced.

VW-Passat-Bumper-Wheels-RamSpeed-1 VW-Passat-Engine-Belt-RamSpeed-2While the vehicle was here the waterpump was replaced including the installation of the timing belt, tensioners and pulleys. A final test drive was then done to ensure that all the initial issues no longer appeared.