Lexus RX350 Oil Leaks and Alternator Noise

A customer brought in their Lexus RX350 which had an oil leak to inspect and an alternator noise to report on.

The car was hoisted up so we could remove the undertray to inspect the oil leaks. There was small oil deposits around the oil filter, power steering and the front timing case. We washed down these areas so we could reassess them and the leaks appeared to be very minor and not dripping.

Lexus-RX350-Wheels-Bumper-RamSpeed-1 Lexus-RX350-Engine-RamSpeed-2When we checked the vehicle for the reported noise we looked at the pulleys which some appeared to have been changed recently and the others left the same. The old pulleys had a noisy bearing so we replaced it. After this the noise was still there and coming from the alternator. We disconnected the battery and tested the alternator on the front bench and found the noise was from the front alternator case. The alternator was renewed and the coolant drained and topped up. A final test drive was then completed and no noise was heard. We did note that the drivers window switch block was not working properly via the switch.

BMW X5 Drivers Door Stuck and Diagnostics

Our old customer’s BMW X5 was towed into our workshop last week to check and report on a few issues he had advised us of and the drivers door which wouldn’t open.

BMW-X5-Wheels-Bumper-RamSpeed-1We removed the old differential unit and replaced it with a new unit to fix some of the issues we had diagnosed. The drivers side door was repaired as it needed a new door carrier with cables. It was noted down that there were engine oil leaks coming from the rocker cover banks 1 and 2. More leaks were coming from the power steering hoses and there was a tyre noise at low speed and when turning. Corners are quite bad and the hand brake would need a bit of an adjustment.

Mini Cooper Transmission Service and Diagnostics

A Mini Cooper came into our workshop that had a few diagnosed issues to look into and confirm. We also did a transmission service on the vehicle while it was here.

When the vehicle came in, we were advised that the radiator support panel and the lower front bumper trim needed replacing. The top engine mounts including the stabilizer mount needed replacing too. According to the customer the radiator was leaking on the O/S tank and issues with the high pressure power steering hose.

Mini-Cooper-Wheels-Bumper-RamSpeed-2The transmission service was completed and we noticed that there was a thump before and after the service was completed. This occurred less after the service when it warms up, but the issue is likely mechanical and further diagnostics would be required. The most likely issue is that the transmission would require an overhaul and we found metal shavings on a magnet.

We noted after looking into the vehicle that the transmission was harsh going into drive gear. The wheel bearings in fron of the drive shafts was noisy and the window regulator was also noisy and clunks on application.

Mini-Cooper-Wheels-Brakes-RamSpeed-1The radiator was leaking which needs to be replaced, the airbag light was on for the left and right hand sides, top engine mounts are needed, the front left jacking point was missing, power steering hoses from the reservoir were leaking, the rocker cover gasket was leaking, the radiator support was broken off and the front bar lower plastic trim was missing. After looking over the Mini, we advised the customer that is should not be driven before some of the issues were rectified.

Renault Megane not Selecting Gears

There was a Renault Megane that was brought into our workshop via tow truck as the gear lever was not selecting gears.

Renault-Megane-Wheels-Exhaust-RamSpeed-1We inspected the vehicle and found that the gear lever mechanism had an internal fault which was causing the shifter to not select the gears properly. The centre console was removed including the front exhaust to replace the gear lever and cables as required. Once this was done we replaced the parts and road tested to ensure the gears worked.

Maserati Quattroporte Multiple Warning Lights

A returning customer has brought in their Maserati Quattroporte to look into an engine, airbag and suspension warning light which was on and report.

Maserati-Quattroporte-Wheels-Spoiler-RamSpeed-1We scanned the vehicle and found multiple misfire errors in the engine control. The spark plugs were removed and we noticed that they were worn out. Once these were replaced the fault codes were cleared and a final test drive done.