Mercedes CLK350 Engine Light and Rought Running

A customer of ours brought in their Mercedes CLK350 which had an engine light on and was running rough.

Mercedes-CLK350-Wheels-Bonnet-Lights-RamSpeed-1We did some initial diagnostics to identify what was the cause of the problem and advised the customer of the repairs required. The parts replaced included some gaskets, an intake manifold, exhaust valve cam and electronic actuator gasket. Also noted on the vehicle was that there was slight play on the front wheel bearings which needed to be monitored and adjusted as necessary. The front wheels had warps in it and the rear tyres were worn out.

VW Golf ABS Light On

Below is a VW Golf which came into our workshop which had an ABS light on to diagnose and report.

We checked the faults and the ABS sensor resistance values. The ABS unit was then sent for repairs and the brake system bled once the repaired unit was reinstalled.

VW-Golf-Wheels-Lights-RamSpeed-1 VW-Golf-Exhaust-Lights-RamSpeed-1As the customer requested we checked all suspension components and no faults found though there was evidence of rubbing on full lock.

VW Golf R with an Unresponsive Engine

A VW Golf R was towed in which had no start or crank and with an unresponsive engine.

The vehicle was scanned and the DME verified that it had no communications with the rest of the vehicle. We removed the ECU and physically checked that the connections were all ok. The fuses were checked and we found one of the main fuses which powers up certain engine components had no power.

VW-Golf-R-Engine-RamSpeed-1All the other physical connection points were all ok but when we checked the fuse board, one point was not getting power. A new fuse board would need to be ordered to retest the vehicle. We then moved onto the other issuses mentioned such as the front lights which were not working even with a new globe. There was a suspicion that there were other electronics not working.

Once the new fuse box was installed, the connections were tested and were ok. The DME/ECU was not responding so we sent the ECU for testing and repairs. We found that there was a blown circuit and advised the customer before completing the repairs. The ECU passed all checks but further time would be needed to investigate the erratic power delivery as the car cranks but does not start.

VW Golf Overheating Issues

Below is a VW Golf which was brought in to look at an overheating issue. The vehicle was diagnosed to determine the source of the problem and the customer advised and quoted.

VW-Golf-Wheels-Bumper-RamSpeed-1Once we heard back from the cusomer we replaced the radiator, large cooling fan, thermostat and housing as required. The current fluid levels were checked and the cooling system bled. We also replaced the secondary air pump rubber mounts as required and a final road test completed after the repair.

Mercedes Benz SL65 Key and Starting Button Error

We looked into a Mercedes Benz SL65 recently which had a key that did not work in the ignition. The stop/start button was also inoperable at the gear lever.

Mercedes-Benz-SL65-Wheels-Bumper-RamSpeed-1To fix the vehicle we needed to order in a transponder and key. We also had to rewire 2 of the pulse wires one which was damaged and the other which was missing. After this was done we test drove the vehicle to ensure all previous errors were rectified.