Porsche 911 997 Turbo White – Major Service + Repairs

The  immaculate Porsche 911 997 Turbo featured below was in our workshop to have a major service and a few items addressed.

The service was done first according to the log book schedule and current km on the vehicle. This included replacing the oil along with filters and other liquids and lubricants as needed. As a special bonus to our customer we included an engine detox and intake cleaner for the vehicle to help and maintain healthy engine life for the long term.

Carried out in this service, the brake system fluid was flushed in each of the wheels. This is done as per manufacturer’s specifications, every two years. The spark plugs were also changed as they were found to be needing replacement during inspection.


While the Porsche was in our workshop we looked into and found a few issues which we had authority to repair.

As it was noted a fault was evident, our technician connected the diagnostics tester and discovered a steering angle sensor fault and carried out a initialisation of sensor. The system was reset and no errors were found, it appears that the fault was related to some earlier wiring issues.The Porsche was test driven to ensure this was no longer an issue.


Our Technician also discovered that the rear wing drive was not operating. The pulse was checked and was found to be ok, subsequently it was recommended that the mechanism be replaced. On the above and below photo you can see RamSpeed custom forged wheels we have supplied customer a couple of years back.


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