Aston Martin – Major Service and Registration Inspection

This elegant Aston Martin came into the workshop for a Major Service and a comprehensive check of the vehicle for registration purposes.

The Technician conducted a thorough inspection of the vehicle before commencing the service. It was found that the cabin filters needed to be replaced, as well as the air filters and brake fluid. Aston Martin Side Back Ramspeed

As part of the major service, it’s important to carefully inspect the brakes. It meant that the Aston Martin needed its front and rear pads replaced and the front discs replaced.  All in a few hours work.

Aston Martin Engine Bay Ramspeed

Another happy customer to add to the list!

Aston Martin Wheels Ramspeed

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Aston Martin Vantage V8 – Service A

The proud owner of a silky grey Aston Martin V8 Vantage came into our workshop for a scheduled minor service.


The Service A was completed according to the log book schedule and current km on the vehicle. This included draining and refilling the engine, checking oil filters, checking the tyre pressure, inspecting brakes, checking engine cooling system and much more.  RamSpeed used specified engine oil which is recommended for this style of European vehicle.


The Aston Martin was in top notch condition. The brakes were found to be in working order with a low percentage not being used and all that it required was an oil filter replacement.


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Aston Martin Vantage Service & Fault Checks

The owner of this beautiful blue Aston Martin Vantage called us to book in a scheduled service and for fault checks.


The service was done first according to the log book schedule and current km on the vehicle. This included replacing the oil along with filters and other liquids and lubricants as needed.

Also carried out was an auto transmission service, system check with a clutch kiss point alignment. This service is recommended as oil does break down over time, and with the demand of every day driving it is important to carry out this service. Once we replaced the necessary oils, the car drove effortlessly.

Whilst conducting the service an electronic scan was carried out on the car where a fault was found in the engine control. A series of diagnostic checks were run on the car including smoke testing the inlet manifold and associated system. Following these checks the oxygen sensors were inspected for correct fitment though found an issue in the wiring of the oxygen sensors in the exhaust system.

System was rectified as required, all faults were cleared and test drive undertaken once completed.


Aston Martin Rapide Minor Service

An Aston Martin Rapide was brought into our workshop to get a minor service completed. This service was done according to the log book schedule and the current km on the vehicle. It involved replacing the oil and oil filter as required.

Aston-Martin-Rapide-S-Wheels-Bonnet-RamSpeed-1When we checked over the vehicle, we noted that there was impact damage inside of the rear light which also ingests water. Also noted was that the front right brake calliper had brake fluid damage. All of this was relayed to the customer in order to organise what they would want to do next.

Aston Martin Vantage Bluetooth Setup, Oil Leak and Service

Below is one of our previous customers with an Aston Martin Vantage that needed to get the bluetooth system replaced and setup as it was not connecting properly anymore. The oil was also leaking from the vehicle and needed to be looked into.

Replacing the bluetooth system was simple to do and did not require too much time to complete. For the oil leaking we replaced an oil washer as required.

Aston-Martin-Vantage-Wheels-Exhaust-Boot-RamSpeed-1Only a month back we had completed a major scheduled service according to the log book schedule and current km on the vehicle. This involved replacing the oil filter and oil. A wheel alignment was done at the time because the car was pulling to the left when being driven.