Lamborghini Gallardo Minor Scheduled Service

Every now and then we see one of these Lamborghini Gallardo’s in our workshop for various work from scheduled servicing to turbo upgrades.

In this case we did a minor service according to the log book schedule and current km of the vehicle. This included replacing the oil filter and the oil.

RamSpeed continues to be one of the most comprehensive, privately owned European car specialist. At RamSpeed, we work on all types of European vehicles with qualified, dealer trained staff, some reaching Master Tech status with major European car manufacturers. RamSpeed is unique, our approach is one of responding to our customer individual requirements. We listen to your needs and respond with solutions to suit your budget and our high standard requirements. Unlike many dealer network shops, we don’t just replace parts. We offer many options including refurbished, used, aftermarket and OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturers). RamSpeed is independent and while we have many cost effective options, for vehicles under manufacturer’s warranty, we also offer Genuine New Parts. Our Warranty Compliant Servicing ensures all checks and balances are met for a full protection under consumer Australian Manufacturer’s Warranty Standards.

Lamborghini-Gallardo-minor-service-diagnostics-bumper-oil-filter-ramspeed-1 Lamborghini-Gallardo-minor-service-diagnostics-genuine-oil-filter-ramspeed-2Our European vehicle repairs and servicing centre also extends to performance upgrades for all Lamborghini models (see our Lamborghini performance work here) including Lamborghini Gallardo. Our business is known for comprehensive diagnostics expertise and our ability to address complex mechanical and electronic issues found in a wide range of increasingly sophisticated European models. RamSpeed is well known complex fault finding within all Lamborghini electronic components including ABS, brakes, suspension, exhaust, gearbox and the electronic computer units (ECU). We are able to repair all Lamborghini electronic modules and retune or re-flash original ECU units with German performance tuning maps. RamSpeed Automotive is able to perform aftermarket module scanning and repairs of many exotic and luxury cars.

Lamborghini Gallardo Repairs

A Lamborghini Gallardo came into our RamSpeed workshop for a repair. We replaced the battery and installed a battery trickle charger system as it was required for the vehicle. We connected the Lamborghini Gallardo to our tester and cleared all fault codes as well as reset the control modules.

Lamborghini-Gallardo-Battery-Rear-Lights-Brake-Lights-Ramspeed-3 Lamborghini-Gallardo-Battery-Wheels-Rims-Tyres-Exhaust-Ramspeed-1 Lamborghini-Gallardo-Battery-Wheels-Tyres-Rims-Side-Mirror-Ramspeed-4

We commenced a test drive to initialse the steering angle sensor and the ABS control modules as well as a replacement of the front right park light bulb which was required on the vehicle.

Lamborghini-Gallardo-Battery-Interior-Side-Mirror-Ramspeed-2 Lamborghini-Gallardo-Battery-Interior-Steering-Wheeel-Dash-Board-Ramspeed-5 Lamborghini-Gallardo-Battery-Rims-Tyre-Wheel-Brake-Ramspeed-6

At RamSpeed we have all the necessary equipment and expertise to meet your needs, call us to make a service booking or enquire about any repairs required on your European vehicle. We also offer various performance upgrades and accessories for the Lamborghini Gallardo from aerodynamic body kits and wheels to performance exhaust systems.

Lamborghini Aventador Special Works

A Lamborghini Aventador came into our workshop. We have just picked one up from the airport on the weekend.Stay tuned for more pictures.



The scheduled servicing at RamSpeed includes a number of comprehensive checks such as the filters, brake wear, fluid levels and on the general condition of the vehicle.
Lamborghini-Aventador-Exhaust-Wheels-Rims-Tyres-Reverse-Sensors-2 Lamborghini-Aventador-Interior-Dash-Board-Steerling-Wheel-RamSpeed-5

At RamSpeed we have all the necessary equipment and expertise to meet your needs, call us today to make a service booking or enquire about any repairs required on your European vehicle. We also offer various performance upgrades and accessories for the Lamborghini Aventador from aerodynamic body kits and wheels to performance exhaust systems. Check out possible performance and enhancement options for Aventador here.


Lamborghini Gallardo Service and Performance Work

One of the cars recently completed by RamSpeed is this amazing Lamborghini Gallardo. The first bit of work done on the car was a minor service, replacing the oil and filter. Nothing to flashy but it only gets better.

Lamborghini-Gallardo-Service-RamSpeed-20Lamborghini-Gallardo-Exhaust-RamSpeed-3Lamborghini-Gallardo-Exhaust-RamSpeed-12Lamborghini-Gallardo-Exhaust-RamSpeed-22The customer ordered a Supersprint exhaust which we were fitting after the service. It was a Supersprint race version, twin muffler design with super F1 sounds. You can see some of the in progress shots.

Lamborghini-Gallardo-Air-Filter-RamSpeed-4The other upgrade the customer bought was a set of 2 carbon racing high flow air filters. You can see the detailed images of the air filters.

Lamborghini-Gallardo-Callipers-RamSpeed-1Lamborghini-Gallardo-Callipers-RamSpeed-23Lamborghini-Gallardo-Callipers-RamSpeed-19Lamborghini-Gallardo-Exhaust-RamSpeed-18While all these items were being fitted, the front and rear brake callipers were being painted in green.

Lamborghini-Gallardo-Service-RamSpeed-15Lamborghini-Gallardo-Service-RamSpeed-14At RamSpeed we can satisfy all your customisation and performance requirements. Our range of services include performance exhaust systems and ECU upgrades to aerodynamic body kits and interior upgrades. We also have steering wheel customisation options and painting services.

Lamborghini Gallardo Service and Suspension Adjustment

Ordinary work on an extraordinary car. A returning customer with a Lamborghini Gallardo in for a minor scheduled service. Oil filter was replaced with OEM parts and engine oil topped up with Liqui Moly, which is recommended for European vehicles. The suspension stiffness was also adjusted from 75% to 50% to suit the customers driving requirements.