Range Rover Sport SVR Service + Kraftwerk Module Installation

This Range Rover Sport was brought into our workshop for a Kraftwerk module installation.  The German made plug and drive module enhances performance of the car by giving it more power and torque across the rev range.


The Kraftwerk power module also provides the additional benefits of saving up to a litre per hundred in fuel.


The Power Module is an external additional control unit. It is internally sealed and cannot be detected by general manufacturers service procedures thus preventing any warranty issues.


RamSpeed is one of the most comprehensive, privately owned European car specialists. At RamSpeed, we work on all types of European vehicles with qualified, dealer trained staff, some reaching Master Tech status with major European car manufacturers. RamSpeed is unique; our approach is one of responding to our customer individual requirements. We listen to your needs and respond with solutions to suit your budget and our high standard requirements. Unlike many dealer network shops, we don’t just replace parts. We offer many options including refurbished, used, aftermarket and OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

RamSpeed is independent and while we have many cost effective options, for vehicles under manufacturer’s warranty, we also offer Genuine New Parts. Our Warranty Compliant Servicing ensures all checks and balances are met for a full protection under consumer Australian Manufacturer’s Warranty Standards.

Range Rover Sport Supersprint Exhaust

One of the recent performance work we did was on a Range Rover Sport.

We installed a Supersprint cat back exhaust system (non resonated) to the supercharged Range Rover 4.2i V8. The exhaust included the centre pipe left and right, X pipe, rear exhaust left and right and the oval endpipe left and right.

Other work done was a stage one performance upgrade and a sports air filter.

Range-Rover-Sport-Supersprint-Exhaust-RamSpeed-3 Range-Rover-Sport-Supersprint-Exhaust-RamSpeed-1 Range-Rover-Sport-Supersprint-Exhaust-RamSpeed-2 Range-Rover-Sport-Supersprint-Exhaust-RamSpeed-4RamSpeed Automotive is Australia’s No 1, privately owned European car specialist with focus on European vehicle repairs and servicing including performance upgrades for all Range Rover models (see our Range Rover Performance work here) including Range Rover Sport. Our business is known for comprehensive diagnostics expertise and our ability to address complex mechanical and electronic issues found in a wide range of increasingly sophisticated European models. RamSpeed is well known complex fault finding within all VW electronic components including ABS, brakes, suspension, exhaust, gearbox and the electronic computer units (ECU). We are able to repair all VW electronic modules and retune or re-flash original ECU units with German performance tuning maps. RamSpeed Automotive is able to perform aftermarket module scanning and repairs of many exotic and luxury cars. At RamSpeed your Range Rover maintenance and ownership costs can be greatly reduced with regular scheduled and logbook services.

Range Rover Vogue Superchared – Service + Enhancements

In for a comprehensive service is this beautiful Range Rover Vogue Supercharged V8. The vehicle received a power upgade by KraftWerk + enhanced wheels and some minor cosmetic repairs vai our panel shop www.ramspeedpaint.com.au

Range-Rover-Vogue-Wheel-Body-Repair-Scheduled Service Supercharger Exhaust Power Upgrade RamSpeed-5

Strong Range Rover Vogue V8 Supercharged engine just received a full service inclusing new oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter, etc. Also new brake fluid and a tune from KraftWerk was installed for that additional power.

Range-Rover-Vogue-Wheel-Body-Repair-Scheduled Service Supercharger Exhaust Power Upgrade RamSpeed Wheels

Customers wheel have been scratched badly. Now with gloss paint they look like new and the vehicle has a new tough look matching the new found power.

Range-Rover-Vogue-Wheel-Body-Repair-Scheduled Service Supercharger Exhaust Power Upgrade RamSpeed

Interior of the Range Rover Vogue looks great.

Range-Rover-Vogue-Wheel-Body-Repair-Scheduled Service Supercharger Exhaust Power Upgrade RamSpeed-3

Modifications to the exhaust system pending for additional V8 sound and increase in power.

Range-Rover-Vogue-Wheel-Body-Repair-Scheduled Service Supercharger Exhaust Power Upgrade RamSpeed-4