Rolls Royce Silver Spur AC System Regas

We had the pleasure of having a Rolls Royce Silver Spur in our workshop last week that needed to have the AC System regassed. The AC was blowing warm air, so we proceeded with our regas and recovered 50g of gas.

Rolls-Royce-Silver-Spur-Bonnet-Wheels-RamSpeed-2 Rolls-Royce-Silver-Spur-Engine-RamSpeed-3 Rolls-Royce-Silver-Spur-Wheels-Exhaust-RamSpeed-1We recharged the system to the 750g as stated on the compressor. A test was then completed and we found the system’s air was cool with the low pressure side of the system being high. We then inspected the system for leaks and found none stored. Further diagnosis required on the system to rectify the high reading on low pressure side.