Lamborghini Gallardo – Carbon Wing Installation

This head turning Lamborghini Gallardo was in our workshop to replace the factory pop up Wing with this Aerodynamic and stylish Carbon Wing


Whilst the Lamborghini was in our workshop having this installed we were also requested to change the glove box light globe which was completed with ease


RamSpeed is one of the most comprehensive, privately owned European car specialists. At RamSpeed, we work on all types of European vehicles with qualified, dealer trained staff, some reaching Master Tech status with major European car manufacturers. RamSpeed is unique; our approach is one of responding to our customer individual requirements. We listen to your needs and respond with solutions to suit your budget and our high standard requirements. Unlike many dealer network shops, we don’t just replace parts. We offer many options including refurbished, used, aftermarket and OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

RamSpeed is independent and while we have many cost effective options, for vehicles under manufacturer’s warranty, we also offer Genuine New Parts. Our Warranty Compliant Servicing ensures all checks and balances are met for a full protection under consumer Australian Manufacturer’s Warranty Standards.



Mini Cooper Transmission Service and Diagnostics

A Mini Cooper came into our workshop that had a few diagnosed issues to look into and confirm. We also did a transmission service on the vehicle while it was here.

When the vehicle came in, we were advised that the radiator support panel and the lower front bumper trim needed replacing. The top engine mounts including the stabilizer mount needed replacing too. According to the customer the radiator was leaking on the O/S tank and issues with the high pressure power steering hose.

Mini-Cooper-Wheels-Bumper-RamSpeed-2The transmission service was completed and we noticed that there was a thump before and after the service was completed. This occurred less after the service when it warms up, but the issue is likely mechanical and further diagnostics would be required. The most likely issue is that the transmission would require an overhaul and we found metal shavings on a magnet.

We noted after looking into the vehicle that the transmission was harsh going into drive gear. The wheel bearings in fron of the drive shafts was noisy and the window regulator was also noisy and clunks on application.

Mini-Cooper-Wheels-Brakes-RamSpeed-1The radiator was leaking which needs to be replaced, the airbag light was on for the left and right hand sides, top engine mounts are needed, the front left jacking point was missing, power steering hoses from the reservoir were leaking, the rocker cover gasket was leaking, the radiator support was broken off and the front bar lower plastic trim was missing. After looking over the Mini, we advised the customer that is should not be driven before some of the issues were rectified.

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, Scheduled Log Book Service & Installation Of Short Shifter Kit

A Porsche 911 Carrera 4S in our RamSpeed workshop for its scheduled log book service plus installation of OEM short shifter kit. We carried out a full comprehensive service on this vehicle with replacement of the engine oil, oil filter, air filter, pollution filter, drive belt and spark plugs using genuine Porsche OEM parts and fluids. As part of the service a complete vehicle safety inspection will be carried out with all lights, hoses, belts, tyre pressures and brakes to be thoroughly inspected. We will also flush and vacuum bleed the braking system, and refill using Castrol Dot 4 brake fluid. A full system ECU diagnostic scan is to be performed to check and clear any error codes plus reset the service warning light.

RamSpeed Automotive is Australia’s No 1, privately owned European car specialist with focus on European vehicle repairs and servicing including performance upgrades for all Porsche models including Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. Our business is known for comprehensive diagnostics expertise and our ability to address complex mechanical and electronic issues found in a wide range of increasingly sophisticated European models. RamSpeed is well known for in depth fault finding within all Porsche electronic components including ABS, brakes, suspension, exhaust, gearbox and the electronic computer units (ECU). RamSpeed Automotive is able to perform aftermarket module scanning and repairs of many exotic and luxury cars. At RamSpeed your Porsche maintenance and ownership costs can be greatly reduced with regular scheduled and logbook services.

Detailed view of the new OEM short shifter kit, ready to be installed on the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

Detailed view of the gear shifter panel getting ready for installation of the OEM short shifter kit.

Lamborghini Gallardo, RamSpeed’s Complete Carbon Fibre Treatment

The Lamborghini Gallardo project is finally complete, RamSpeed’s complete carbon fibre makeover. Modification includes:

  • Complete carbon fibre interior upgrade, including brand new RamSpeed carbon fibre steering wheel with Alcantara sides
  • Carbon fibre side skirts
  • Carbon fibre rear wing
  • RamSpeed carbon front bar
  • Lamborghini brake callipers custom painted in red
  • RamSpeed performance exhaust system
  • Stage 2 Kraftwerk ECU tuning
  • KW V3 coil overs suspension upgrade
A complete post of the entire project with before and after pictures – coming soon. Contact us for more details on upgrades available for your vehicle.

New Wurth Storage Shelf For Our RamSpeed Automotive Workshop

Brand new Wurth storage shelf for our RamSpeed workshop. A convenient and organised way to store our workshop equipments.

“RamSpeed Automotive specialises in performance upgrades as well as servicing and repairs of all European car models and we provide comprehensive diagnostics of all electronic and mechanical components including brakes, suspension, exhaust, gearbox,  ECU and other module scanning. At RamSpeed your vehicle’s maintenance costs can be greatly reduced with regular scheduled services.”