Volkswagen Touareg R TDI V8 Kraftwerk Module Installation

Volkswagen-Touareg-R-TDI V8 Wheels-Kraftwerk-Installation-Performance-upgrade-Plug-and-Play-Module-Doors-Mirrors--Rear-Wheels-Grill-RamSpeed

This brand new Volkswagen Touareg R TDI V8 was brought into our workshop for a Kraftwerk module installation.  The plug and drive module enhances performance of the car by giving it more power and torque across the rev range.

The module is install in such a way so that it looks like it’s a factory option. Once the module is install it is complemented with a performance BMC air filter to maximize air flow.


The Touareg was final test and then delivered to the client.

At RamSpeed we carry out performance upgrades as well as servicing and repairs on Volkswagen on a daily basis, our technicians are qualified and well experienced in working with these vehicles, with RamSpeed you can be assure you car is in the best of hands.


Mercedes Benz C200 CDi Service B

The owner of the Mercedes Benz C200 CDi was brought into our workshop for a Service B as per the manufacturers specifications.


The Service B includes the following service items to be replaced: engine oil, air filter, pollution filter and oil filter using OEM parts and approved lubricants. As part of the service our technician carried out a complete vehicle safety inspection of the complete under carriage, this includes a written report of any findings with a current brake pads wear and tyre tread depth indication. All lights, fluids, hoses, belts and tyre pressures were also checked and adjusted where necessary.

A final test drive was conducted to finalize the vehicle before client pick up.

RamSpeed Automotive is Australia’s No 1, privately owned European car specialist with focus on European vehicle repairs and servicing including performance upgrades for all Mercedes Benz models.

Mercedes Benz E250 Kraftwerk Tuning Module Installation


This owner of this Mercedes Benz E250 has purchased a Kraftwerk module through RamSpeed Imports and RamSpeed Automotive has installed the module.

The installation process is quote straight forward with only the complete air box having to be removed to gain access to the boost pressure sensor.

Kraftwerk is a German Made, Performance Plug & Drive module. This power module is an external module, so no warranty is in jeopardy.  Their Hi-Tech system contains many smart technical features, and is the result of many months of design, testing and durability trials.


Thanks to this module, the car gains an extra 18% in both kW and Hp, plus an extra 25% in Nm.

Once the installation was completed, the car was taken on a test drive to final test the vehicle ready for client collection.

Audi RS4 Capristo Exhaust Installation

The owner of this stunning Audi RS4 Station wagon had booked their car in for a Capristo exhaust system upgrade that they had purchased through us here at Ramspeed.


This top of the range exhaust system was a specialty order item as it was requested by the customer to have custom chrome tips. The beauty of this exhaust is that it integrates into the existing vacuum system to have variable tone at different RPM’s. The exhaust was installed at our Ramspeed workshop, once fitted it looked and sounded fantastic, a final test drive was carried out to finalize vehicle. Indeed an incredible upgrade for an incredible car!


Renault Megane RS265 Diagnosis Engine Performance

This Renault Megane RS265 was booked in with our workshop for diagnosis of an engine performance issue the client was experiencing with an intermittent engine light coming on.

To be able to diagnose the issue correctly, we first test drove the vehicle with the client to feel and see exactly what was happening and under what driving conditions. This helps us in the diagnosis of an issue as we can then attempt to replicate the driving style during the diagnostic process.


The car was then scanned to find faults and engine misfires. Multiple misfires were logged for cylinders 1, 2 and 4. To help with the misfires, new spark plugs and ignition coils were recommended. Once these were approved to be changed by the customer, the misfire faults were cleared from the memory with test drive required.

A test drive was carried out to find the initial client complaint had been rectified though found that when at operating temperature the coolant gauge wasn’t reading correctly.

Further vehicle diagnosis was carried out on the system, the coolant temperature sensor was replaced.

A final road test under driving conditions as demonstrated by the client took place with the sporty hatch performing as it should with all issues rectified.