Alfa Romeo 159 PCV Valve and Transmission Not Shifting

We had an Alfa Romeo 159 in our workshop last week that was going to get the PCV valve replaced, and to look into a transmission shifting issue.

Alfa-Romeo-159-Bonnet-Bumper-RamSpeed-1When the vehicle was hot, the transmission wouldn’t shift over the third gear and reverse cannot be selected. The vehicle was scanned for fault codes stored for the gear selector sensor which was showing that gears 1-3 were ok, but 4-5 and reverse were gone. We replaced the PCV valve and gear selector sensor as required and test drove the car.

Alfa Romeo 147 Replacement of Belts and Control Arms

We had an Alfa Romeo 147 in our workshop recently that needed to get a few parts replaced based on a report that was generated from a workshop.

Alfa-Romeo-147-Engine-Bumper-RamSpeed-1While the vehicle was in the workshop we replaced the left and right control arms which were required. The top engine mount and gearbox mount needed to be replaced according to the report. We looked over the lights which were all ok but there was a potential issue with stalks at the front. Next the front indicators and clutch pedal rubbers were replaced accordingly.

Alfa-Romeo-147-Brakes-Springs-RamSpeed-2The customer also advised us to replace the timing belt and waterpump which was done along with the auxilary and balance shaft belt. We topped up the vehicle with coolant and while on a test drive we noticed a noise from the steering columns which needed further time to diagnose.

Alfa-Romeo-147-Brakes-Bumper-RamSpeed-1We noticed there was a synthetic seal over the engine sump plug and that the sump nut seemed to be damaged. The knock in the front suspension intermittently would need front shock absorbers to rectify.

Also noticed on the vehicle was that the rocker cover gasket was seeping oil, the gearbox had an oil leak, the left hand front CV shaft was leaking grease on the joint, the exhaust mound / bracket was broken near the catalytic converter and the gear shift was sloppy, sometimes difficult to shift into 3rd gear.

Alfa Romeo 159 Service and Repairs

The below Alfa Romeo 159 was brought in by one of our existing customers for a minor service and some repairs. A minor service was due according to the log book schedule and the current km on the vehicle.

Alfa-Romeo-159-Boot-Wheels-RamSpeed-1The service included replacing the oil filter and oil including a number of checks over the vehicle. This check revealed that a new radiator and top hose would be needed, which was replaced as required. Other parts inspected and requiring change was the engine auxillary belt, spark plugs and pollution filter. These were replaced including a ignition coil and a top up of the coolant was then completed.

Alfa Romeo 147 Checking a Strange Noise

This Alfa Romeo 147 was brought into our workshop as it had a noise in the front end of the vehicle that was concerning our customer. The noise was described as only occurring when going between 60 – 70 km per hour which gave us more information to assist us in reproducing the issue.

Alfa-Romeo-147-Wheels-Bumper-RamSpeed-1After we inspected the 147, we found the front wheel had a buckle in it. To confirm this was the case, the wheels were swapped from left to right and we noticed that some of the noise transferred to the drivers side. The left side wheel bearing had no play but it was noisy and a replacement was recommended.

Alfa Romeo 156 Suspension Inspection

An Alfa Romeo 156 customer had come into our shop to get the front suspension inspected as it was not working according to specifications. We did a check over to report on our findings which also involved test drives.

The vehicle needed the O/S/F and N/S/F lower control arms with the caster rod and bush. We installed these components after notifying the customer of the results from our check over.

Alfa-Romeo-156-Wheels-Bumper-RamSpeed-1Other repairs that needed to be completed were on the rear drivers side window switch and to complete diagnostics on the front main switch cluster on the drivers side. After this the rear switch was repaired but the front would require a new switch or cluster.