Audi RS4 – Service, Brakes

The Below supercharged Audi  RS4 was booked in to our workshop to have a few issues looked at as it was running rough.


Subsequently, the vehicle was scanned and codes erased and ports on the inlet manifold were cleaned.

The air filter was also washed and re-oiled, along with topping up the coolant.

Whilst the RS4 was here our technician also replaced the front brake pads as they were in need of replacement along with the sensors.


RamSpeed is one of the most comprehensive, privately owned European car specialists. At RamSpeed, we work on all types of European vehicles with qualified, dealer trained staff, some reaching Master Tech status with major European car manufacturers. RamSpeed is unique; our approach is one of responding to our customer individual requirements. We listen to your needs and respond with solutions to suit your budget and our high standard requirements. Unlike many dealer network shops, we don’t just replace parts. We offer many options including refurbished, used, aftermarket and OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

RamSpeed is independent and while we have many cost effective options, for vehicles under manufacturer’s warranty, we also offer Genuine New Parts. Our Warranty Compliant Servicing ensures all checks and balances are met for a full protection under consumer Australian Manufacturer’s Warranty Standards.

Audi RS4 Capristo Exhaust Installation

The owner of this stunning Audi RS4 Station wagon had booked their car in for a Capristo exhaust system upgrade that they had purchased through us here at Ramspeed.


This top of the range exhaust system was a specialty order item as it was requested by the customer to have custom chrome tips. The beauty of this exhaust is that it integrates into the existing vacuum system to have variable tone at different RPM’s. The exhaust was installed at our Ramspeed workshop, once fitted it looked and sounded fantastic, a final test drive was carried out to finalize vehicle. Indeed an incredible upgrade for an incredible car!


Audi RS4 Service and Inspection

This Audi RS4 was brought into our workshop for its scheduled service and a general inspection.

The minor service was completed according to the current km on the vehicle and to manufacturers specifications. This involved replacing the oil filter and oil including an inspection over the vehicle.

Whilst the car was in for the service, a VCDS diagnosis was run on the car, this is a tool used on both Audi and Volkswagen cars to check for fault codes and help diagnose the fault.

Within the same day, the owner was able to collect their car and continue on with their day.