Aston Martin Vantage Service & Fault Checks

The owner of this beautiful blue Aston Martin Vantage called us to book in a scheduled service and for fault checks.


The service was done first according to the log book schedule and current km on the vehicle. This included replacing the oil along with filters and other liquids and lubricants as needed.

Also carried out was an auto transmission service, system check with a clutch kiss point alignment. This service is recommended as oil does break down over time, and with the demand of every day driving it is important to carry out this service. Once we replaced the necessary oils, the car drove effortlessly.

Whilst conducting the service an electronic scan was carried out on the car where a fault was found in the engine control. A series of diagnostic checks were run on the car including smoke testing the inlet manifold and associated system. Following these checks the oxygen sensors were inspected for correct fitment though found an issue in the wiring of the oxygen sensors in the exhaust system.

System was rectified as required, all faults were cleared and test drive undertaken once completed.


Alfa Romeo 159 PCV Valve and Transmission Not Shifting

We had an Alfa Romeo 159 in our workshop last week that was going to get the PCV valve replaced, and to look into a transmission shifting issue.

Alfa-Romeo-159-Bonnet-Bumper-RamSpeed-1When the vehicle was hot, the transmission wouldn’t shift over the third gear and reverse cannot be selected. The vehicle was scanned for fault codes stored for the gear selector sensor which was showing that gears 1-3 were ok, but 4-5 and reverse were gone. We replaced the PCV valve and gear selector sensor as required and test drove the car.

VW Beetle Engine Light and Window Repairs

There was a VW Beetle brought into our workshop that had a few issues that needed to be looked into. The drivers window was stuck in the door, an engine light was on and there was a noise in the front when braking.

VW-Beetle-Wheels-Boot-RamSpeed-1To fix the issues we replaced the front left wheel bearing, wheel hub and carried out the drive shaft overhaul as required. The engine light was due to a faulty oxygen sensor which we picked up after scanning the vehicle. A new window regulator was needed to fix the drivers side window.

Mercedes CLK350 Engine Light and Rought Running

A customer of ours brought in their Mercedes CLK350 which had an engine light on and was running rough.

Mercedes-CLK350-Wheels-Bonnet-Lights-RamSpeed-1We did some initial diagnostics to identify what was the cause of the problem and advised the customer of the repairs required. The parts replaced included some gaskets, an intake manifold, exhaust valve cam and electronic actuator gasket. Also noted on the vehicle was that there was slight play on the front wheel bearings which needed to be monitored and adjusted as necessary. The front wheels had warps in it and the rear tyres were worn out.