Volkswagen Touareg R TDI V8 Kraftwerk Module Installation

Volkswagen-Touareg-R-TDI V8 Wheels-Kraftwerk-Installation-Performance-upgrade-Plug-and-Play-Module-Doors-Mirrors--Rear-Wheels-Grill-RamSpeed

This brand new Volkswagen Touareg R TDI V8 was brought into our workshop for a Kraftwerk module installation.  The plug and drive module enhances performance of the car by giving it more power and torque across the rev range.

The module is install in such a way so that it looks like it’s a factory option. Once the module is install it is complemented with a performance BMC air filter to maximize air flow.


The Touareg was final test and then delivered to the client.

At RamSpeed we carry out performance upgrades as well as servicing and repairs on Volkswagen on a daily basis, our technicians are qualified and well experienced in working with these vehicles, with RamSpeed you can be assure you car is in the best of hands.


VW Beetle Engine Light and Window Repairs

There was a VW Beetle brought into our workshop that had a few issues that needed to be looked into. The drivers window was stuck in the door, an engine light was on and there was a noise in the front when braking.

VW-Beetle-Wheels-Boot-RamSpeed-1To fix the issues we replaced the front left wheel bearing, wheel hub and carried out the drive shaft overhaul as required. The engine light was due to a faulty oxygen sensor which we picked up after scanning the vehicle. A new window regulator was needed to fix the drivers side window.

VW Golf R32 Coolant Leak Inspection

This customer has come into our workshop before to look at some coolant leaks. He had come back as there was what seemed to be coolant leaks, which may have been from a different area.

VW-Golf-R32-Exhaust-Wheels-RamSpeed-1 VW-Golf-R32-Engine-RamSpeed-2The vehicle was inspected and pressure tested for approx 4 hours but no leaks were present. Upon inspection with the customer we noticed that the air conditioning condensation along with the previous coolant stains from an old leak were what looked like a coolant leak. 1L of coolant was then supplied to the customer for future use.

VW Golf Diagnostics of Faults

A Volkswagen Golf was brought into our workshop that had a few issues to diagnose. The customer had advised us that the vehicle felt like there was no acceleration and that the ESP light had come on. Every now and then the VW would hesitate as if the ABS is cutting the power.

VW-Golf-Door-Interior-RamSpeed-1The vehicle was scanned using our diagnostic tools, but no fault codes were present or stored. We cleaned the throttle body and then took the vehicle for a test drive in order to replicate the fault. It is suspected that there was an issue with the sprint booster but this would need to be removed and rechecked.

VW Golf Steering and Suspension Inspection

Below is a VW Golf that was in our workshop to inspect the steering and suspension which had some unusual noises.

We first test drove the vehicle with the customer to verify the noises from the driveline and steering, also to ensure that we heard the same noise. Some of the driveline noise was coming from the gearbox clunky application.

VW-Golf-Wheels-Bumper-RamSpeed-1The vehicle was raised on the hoist to inspect and we found the left front CV innter boot was unservicable and required replacement. We advised the customer that the vehicle would need to be brought back for the work to be carried out. Noted during the work was the oil leak from the side of the engine, lower control arm bushes slightly worn, sound deadening in engine bay loose and that there was aftermarket wiring in the engine bay.