BMW X5 Leak Rectification and Minor Service

There was a BMW X5 that was brought into our workshop to get some coolant and oil leaks fixed. While the vehicle was here we also performed a minor service and change the brakes as required.

BMW-X5-Wheels-Exhaust-RamSpeed-1We looked into the coolant leaks first which was coming from the engine and various piping. Once we replaced numerous hoses and gaskets we flushed and bled the cooling system and took the vehicle for a test drive.

BMW-X5-Engine-RamSpeed-2There were oil leaks coming from bank 1 and 2 rocker cover gaskets. We replaced these parts as required and washed down the engine to ensure that after a test drive no further leaks were found.

The front brakes were due according to the current wear and were replaced during the service. We completed a minor service according to the log book schedule and based on the currently km on the vehicle.

BMW X5 Drivers Door Stuck and Diagnostics

Our old customer’s BMW X5 was towed into our workshop last week to check and report on a few issues he had advised us of and the drivers door which wouldn’t open.

BMW-X5-Wheels-Bumper-RamSpeed-1We removed the old differential unit and replaced it with a new unit to fix some of the issues we had diagnosed. The drivers side door was repaired as it needed a new door carrier with cables. It was noted down that there were engine oil leaks coming from the rocker cover banks 1 and 2. More leaks were coming from the power steering hoses and there was a tyre noise at low speed and when turning. Corners are quite bad and the hand brake would need a bit of an adjustment.

BMW X5 Service B and Transmission Service

A BMW X5 came into our workshop awhile ago to get a major service completed. The service was due according to the current km on the vehicle and log book schedule.

This involved replacing the wiper blades which were leaving streaks on the window, oil and air filter and topping up the brake fluid. Spark plugs were due and needed to be changed for this vehicle which needed 8. We then removed the wheels to be painted gloss black and fixed the parking sensor.

BMW-X5-Brakes-RamSpeed-2 BMW-X5-Parking-Sensor-RamSpeed-1Another thing needed was to replace the front left window regulator and sound/water proofing sheet. After this we carried out a transmission service including replacing the gasket and filter. We removed and replaced the NSF outer CV boot kit as required. A test drive was then completed to ensure all repairs were working correctly.

BMW X5 Particle Filter Light On

One of our returning customers has brought in their BMW X5 that had a particle filter light on and to also get a replacement ADV1 outer lip fitted.

We spent some time cleaning the diesel particular filter as it was found to be clogged substantially due to the chemical cleaning process showing lots of residue. A burnoff was done after and the fault codes cleared. Noted was that the cleaning was not a permanent solution and the DPF may need to be replaced in the future.

BMW-X5-Exhaust-Wheels-RamSpeed-1 BMW-X5-Undertray-RamSpeed-2As one of the ADV1 wheels were damaged we replaced the outer rim. This involved stripping the wheels, tortioning all bolts then refitting and rebalancing the tyres.

BMW X5 Aircon Regas and Replacing Bonnet Struts

Below is a BMW X5 that we had in our workshop for some simple work as instructed by our customer.

BMW-X5-Front-Bumper-Wheels-RamSpeed-1We regassed the airconditioning system which had low levels of gas leading up to Christmas and was blowing warm air. This was simple as it was only a regas where some vehicles would need further work to get the aircon cool again. Other work included supplying and replacing the bonnet struts as required.